Lucia Stedman

“Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish, you feed him for life!”

So goes the slogan of the Business Training Center Ltd, fondly known as the BTC.  In 1997, Lucia Stedman, a computer professional with a business background, decided to use her skills to invest in an entrepreneurial program.  Her mission was to contribute to the overall development of our Human Resource Sector by offering accredited courses resulting in qualifications to career motivated individuals and hence fulfilling our goals to become the ultimate choice for career development in the field of Information Technology and Business in Dominica.

Comprising a staff of six full time employees and over 12 professionals who provide teaching / tutoring services to our clients, the BTC offers a variety of packaged courses.  These include the: University of Cambridge Advanced Diploma in Business, Secretarial Skills, Information & Communications Technology, Travel & Tourism, School Leavers Business packages, Accounting packages, LCC Diploma in Administration-Second level, CXC single subject courses; Computer courses such as: PageMaker, QuickBooks Pro etc, Desktop publishing, Kids computer packages, Basic computer package, Microsoft Office Desktop packages and lots more.

Business Training Center provides excellent opportunities for its clients to become certified and qualified in business and computer related fields. They provide local tuition support for accredited institutions such as, University of London, University of Cambridge and London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examination Board, Cambridge International College.  They are also associated with Microsoft and CompTia.

The clientele includes both teenagers and adults; teenagers who do not complete a High School education are given a second chance to receive an education.

During its short tenure, BTC has assisted in providing the nation with well-rounded professionals in the field of Computers and Business.  Many individuals have become qualified by pursuing  courses at BTC and have been able to obtain promotions and better paying jobs.

For the past 10 years, BTC has been taking the initiative in finding job attachments for its full time students who are enrolled in the Secretarial and CompTIA A+ programmes.  To date the programme has been successful to the point of businesses hiring most of these individuals or extending the attachment period for the serious students.

Business Training Center has also offered training to employees of various businesses in Dominica.  The BTC now hosts offices both in Roseau and Portsmouth.

One of the center’s main future goals is to provide accredited courses leading to associate degrees and bachelor degrees for all our clients in the areas of business and computers.  BTC hopes to achieve the goal of computer literacy for all in this year 2010.

Is the BTC in any way involved in community activities?

Every year, the BTC officials speak to hundreds of primary and secondary school students on career choices as it relates to the business world, and how they must prepare themselves for careers in the real world.  The BTC boasts that to date they have spoken to students at all secondary schools in Dominica.

Additionally, the BTC gives low-cost computer training to various community groups in Dominica.

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