Do you remember a time when a child was never just yours but he/she was loved and cared for by the entire community? Where walking down the road and not saying “good afternoon”  or ” good morning” would result in you getting some licks from a guava tree branch and getting another when you reached home?

A time when only one person had a television and “Saturday nightmares” was an event of big pot of fish broth, squash and all the neighbors on the floor.
People cared about each other despite what was said yesterday, no one kept anything against each other, love reigned and brotherhood was essential. We knew the whereabouts of each other; a box of groceries meant the entire neighborhood ate and river limes were an every Friday afternoon necessity for the week’s laundry.

We were each other’s keeper. We looked out to see if Mr. Mark window was open every morning, and anticipated “Ma. John” cocoa tea. We could buy $.25 bread and sugar and coconut was “it”.

Do you remember when life was simpler… where Blackberries and laptops were not even a thought? Where we walked to each other’s house before “IM-ing”….

What do you remember about yesterday? Can you even remember?