As Dominicans we all have shared the over-whelming joy of seeing something that reminds us of our beloved Dominica, or just having the  made in Dominica label, or simple as  meeting someone who has travelled to Dominica. I had one of those rare moments of finding Dominica in an unsuspecting place. It is spring break in Texas and my family took a drive to Washington, Texas which is northeast of Houston about two hours away. We started our journey through this beautiful country side, leaving behind city life. As we drove through the scenic route, dotted with beautiful farm land and live-stock along the way, my husband and I mused out loud, “how many vans of watermelon we could harvest from a fraction of the properties we were seeing”.

When we arrived at our destination, we started on a guided tour, and we received a great history lesson on the importance of the town of Washington on the Brazos,to Texas, then we went to the museum on the property, after which we headed to the historic Barrington farm. I do not want to venture into a history of Texas discussion; however, I was quite fascinated as I digested all the information I absorbed during the day. In 1844, the Republic of Texas elected its last president Anson Jones, whose residence was at the Barrington farm in Washington Texas.

We then ventured into the quarters of the then president of the Republic of Texas.While touring the bedroom, underneath what was known as a wash basin, I observed a brown bottle with the label Dominica Bay Rum, C.A.Trading & Co. I was exhilarated and called out to my husband, I picked it up and read every word on it and indeed, it was a product of Dominica. I was beaming with pride and wondered what Dominica Bay Rum history was on this property. I went to the worker seeking answers to my questions. She indicated that since most of the original items of the residence are not available the curator finds the closest product that resembled the ones used by the president. She indicated that the product (Bay Rum) was used by President Anson Jones as an after shave, she was also happy to have met someone from Dominica.

This rare finding of Dominica in a remote town of Texas, a product that may have been used by the residents of the farm, led me to think of the rare finding that may be available around the world. As Dominicans roam the world and we share these proud moments which is reminiscent of our life, our culture, our pride.  I am suggesting that Dominicans around the world who may stumble upon these rare products or finds in un-expecting places, to share with the DNO audience, by sharing photos or a short story of your findings. This in part will exhibit our rich, exuberant culture that exists around the world. This will also help in bringing together in one central location information on the many pieces of our history that are scattered around the globe.