I believe the onslaught on Dr Severin by Mr. Tony Astaphans give us great insight into the objectives and intentions of those he speak for as it relates to the citizenry of our beautiful country.

His statement has to be analyzed in the context in which we live – The Dominican context.

This context is one in which politics is all the population talks about. The discussion and debates of the society is totally dominated by the things recognized politicians do and say, sometimes even more by their pundits. This societal space can be described as the lowest and worst social arrangement a society can ever reach. In this space, dishonest and deceptive voices of scalawags crowds out the voices of wisdom, inspiration and truth.

So I am not moved at all to see and hear Tony fighting vehemently to own that kind of space. This in essence describes his attack on Dr. Severin. He failed miserably to point to one single untruth in Dr Severin inspiring delivery.

His objective and those he speak for is clear. It is to terrorize and intimidate others like Dr Severin who desire a more inspiring social space where the capable people can speak truth to power in academia, education, theology, health care, agriculture, sports and culture, science and technology and craft a progressive agenda going forward together as a nation.

These conversations serve as holy water to the demon spirits of men and women whose objectives are to use their position of power to lie to the powerless to reference a quote used by Dr Severin in his inspiring lecture. Their reactions serve to give justification to the effect of holy water on demons.

Mr Astaphans and his gangsters got the message loud and clear. Dr Severin won’t be terrorize nor bullied to silence. His voice is one of inspiration in a dark society of lies and deception. His courage serves as a light bulb and power source for the noble men and women of this society to stand up and be counted. An initiation and open invitation for voices of inspiration to shine on the dark corners of deception, corruption, pessimism and fear that Tony want to deepen in our beautiful country.

Stand up ye noble men and women of Waitukibuli.

Let our nation have this conversation.

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