Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Jesus Christ.

Too many parents try to raise their children the wrong way without discipline. There are some parents that keep living a lie by pretending they are rich or  better off than they are, when that’s not true.

They give their children everything they cannot afford and end up in debt, then the kids grow up thinking they came from a rich family. They start getting into trouble by wanting things they cannot afford and some of them start doing things that are not right, such as stealing, etc.

There is no dishonor to be born poor. Jesus Christ was born in a stable (he left a kingdom in heaven) just to show us that being born poor is not a crime. It’s the way we raise our children that is important. With love, discipline, (not abuse) morals, trust, happiness, respect, etc. we should teach our kids that whatever we want in life, we should work hard for it. There is no reason we should try to buy their affection. We gave birth to them so we could love and cherish them.

Life is not just for living. It’s living right with pride, respect, discipline, morals, etc. Too many times we try to buy our children by lying for them. When they get into trouble we should let them know that we love them and will stand by them, but they have to face the consequences of their actions.

Love and best wishes. May God keep blessing Dominica always.