Discipline is the answer to fight crime

Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Jesus Christ.

Too many parents try to raise their children the wrong way without discipline. There are some parents that keep living a lie by pretending they are rich or  better off than they are, when that’s not true.

They give their children everything they cannot afford and end up in debt, then the kids grow up thinking they came from a rich family. They start getting into trouble by wanting things they cannot afford and some of them start doing things that are not right, such as stealing, etc.

There is no dishonor to be born poor. Jesus Christ was born in a stable (he left a kingdom in heaven) just to show us that being born poor is not a crime. It’s the way we raise our children that is important. With love, discipline, (not abuse) morals, trust, happiness, respect, etc. we should teach our kids that whatever we want in life, we should work hard for it. There is no reason we should try to buy their affection. We gave birth to them so we could love and cherish them.

Life is not just for living. It’s living right with pride, respect, discipline, morals, etc. Too many times we try to buy our children by lying for them. When they get into trouble we should let them know that we love them and will stand by them, but they have to face the consequences of their actions.

Love and best wishes. May God keep blessing Dominica always.

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  1. Truth, Justice and Peace
    October 15, 2010

    @Concerned Citizen:

    I do agree that it is not easy to bring up children specifically in this era.
    Children of the same biological parents do have minds of their own. God endowed us with this faculty.
    Even though they have minds of their own, I am not referring to their disobedience to their parents. They have parents and they should not be beyond disciplining from an early age.
    If the children continue to be disobedient and project tantrums, it may be that there is an underlying problem which parents are not aware of. If their attitude prevails, with no hesitation the parents should seek counseling and assistance for their children.
    Children are smart. Do not underestimate them. They will test their parents to see how far they can get with them and if their parents will succumb to their every wish.
    There are parents who could be weak. Some of them, I hope only a few, are not good at nurturing/ disciplining. This is reflected in the children’s attitude and their lack of respect for their parents and other adults of all.
    Some of the children do exhibit selfishness from a very young age. These parents may fail to see or do not see that their parenting was insufficient and inappropriate.
    I have personally heard some parents who were, themselves disciplined state that they will give their children everything what which they did not have as children. What a mistake!
    These children grow up to be selfish and self-seeking. They do not know what it is to assist others. These are the adults of tomorrow.
    What type of parents will they grow up to be? Whose fault will it be if these children grow up to be self-centered, caring only for one self and as adults?
    While shopping, shockingly, I have heard little children, as much as two years old utilizing swear words to their parents. I have also heard parents swearing at their little children. This is the manner in which their parents act at home, in their presence, even cursing them. I always say, these things have their people. How do they expect their children to grow up to be law-abiding of all?
    Generally, every couple wants children. How well do they nurture those children is another matter. It may be that some couples are ineffective parents and should not have children at all. They have the genes therefore they have children. Parents should cooperate with each other in nurturing their children.
    Adults should consider that if they bring children into the world, they are responsible for appropriately nurturing them. The fathers are not exempt.
    Babies are so cute. Whenever I see babies be it at the grocery store, I always speak to them with a smile and to their parents.
    I would say something like this even though they do not understand: “You are shopping?” They will smile and even wave their hand in “Bye”. Those who cannot talk will make baby cooing sounds. In parting I will say to the parents, “Take good care of him/her.”
    Once I saw a little girl with her mother shopping and said, “Hi little girl. How are you?” She replied: “I am not a little girl!” I asked her what are you. She replied: “I am four!” We had a good laugh. The mother told me that she can be embarrassing. I told the mother she said nothing out of the way. They are so innocent.
    When parents are shopping with small children, while the parents are concentrating, if the children can walk, they tend to wander off. I would say to them: “Where is your mother/father and go to your parent(s).”
    In this age of child-abductions, rape and murder at any age, there are prowlers/pedophiles everywhere. No exception in shopping areas.
    I have addressed the issue to those parents, reminding them that they should try to keep their children near them. They thank me.
    I have seen some children with a strap around their waist. They look like dog leashes. :) No criticism hear. This is to protect them from wandering off.
    We are all each others keepers and just as we must be alert for our protection, we should also be alert for the vulnerable as children.
    This is what it means in Dominica, in those days and hopefully today, a whole village took care of the children and it takes a village to nurture them. How wonderful to hear those words.
    There are times I do feel that we need to resort to those good old days as appropriate child-nurturing whether one is a parent or not.
    Our Lord said: “Let the little children come unto Me and do not prevent them for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Unless you become as little children, you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”
    Also, “Whoever causes one of those little ones to sin, it will be better that a millstone be hung around their necks and they be thrown into the deep sea.”
    I relay this to CNN and to Toronto local Media, according to their broadcasts and programs.
    St. Paul said: “Proclaim the faith whether it is convenient or inconvenient…”
    This is the truth of the matter, appropriately nurturing children, the future adults so that, hopefully, we will have a good society.
    This is God’s intention and what He wants for us, to be happy in this world and to live with Him forever in Heaven.
    May we all do our part that we may please God and merit His Kingdom of God.

  2. Truth, Justice and Peace
    October 14, 2010


    Children do have their own mind and want their own way. They must comprehend that they are children and you are the adult and the parent.
    There are parents who have had several children and who disciplined them appropriately. These parents were in control of the situation of nurturing their children.
    There are some parents who have one or two children and they cannot control them, in that, disciplining them.
    The first place to commence is to discipline them from the time they can comprehend. Then, of course, to take them to church, teach them about God and His Commandments as taught in Church. Parents must go to church with their children as a family.
    Purchase godly books for them.
    They need to have fun too. I recall my father who was the sole bread winner, purchased games as Ludo, Snakes and Ladders and Cards. He even got someone to make a “Draft” board. This is a game. We had fun especially with my mother playing those games.
    Especially at Christmas we would sit around the dining room table and sing Christmas songs. My mother loved to sing. So do I. All these bring back fond memories. Make no mistake! My parents were strict disciplinarian. However, there is a time and place for everything.
    My father loved reading. After he read the newspapers, even the Royal Bank newsletter, as I recall, he would place them on the living room center table and we would read them. Thus commenced my love for reading, be it fictional, good and educating books.
    I would also go to the library and borrow appropriate children books. When I became an adult, I would borrow the appropriate books.
    For some years I ceased reading fiction books. For some reason I commenced reading good/decent biographies of famous people.
    As God will have it, I now read religious matters of my Catholic faith, attend Catholic prayerful gatherings where I get Catholic information, listen to relevant tapes, audio and VRC etc
    I am also fortunate to get reception of Catholic Radio which transmits via Buffalo, an affiliate of EWTN Global Catholic Radio.
    I am also subscribing to EWTN – TV. A digital box is required to obtain this TV Channel. I call them a faith-booster and builder which has enhanced my faith and spiritual progress.
    Our Lord Jesus Christ said: “Apart from Me you can nothing.” Parents must pray to God consistently and ask Him to assist them with nurturing their child or children.
    Parents also need to exercise discipline in nurturing their children.
    Do not shout at them. Do not speak to them when you are angry. Wait a while when you are composed and then speak to them amicably but exercise discipline.
    Do not threaten them with punishment.
    Counseling them about associating with bad company.
    Parents must take an interest in their children schooling, other activities and the friends whom they associate with. They should know the parents of their children as well. This is to ascertain that their children are associating with good company.
    These are a few basics.
    In this era there are many books on “good parenting”. Furthermore, most people have computers and they can access the Internet and get this important information.
    In addition, on occasion there are TV programs which provide such information.
    Parents must examine their conscience to know whether they have done a good job of parenting.
    If they have done all they could in disciplining their children and they have not heeded, they must consider that they have done their utmost. God knows that too.
    Children who do not obey their parents will, one day, have to bear the consequences of their actions. Note as failing grades, dropping out of school; some becoming criminals and murderers. No country is immune to this.
    Those who want children should be prepared to bear the consequences if their parenting was inappropriate.
    Finally, parents are accountable to God for not nurturing their children appropriately.
    This is also what the churches should involve themselves with from the pulpit, speaking to parents and children alike; not politics and informing their parishioners/congregation whom to vote for. This is a NO! NO! in the eyes of God and punishable too.

  3. Truth, Justice and Peace
    October 14, 2010

    This is to exercise tough love with compassion. Discipline commences from youth, the moment when children can comprehend and speak. It continues throughout school days to adulthood.
    My parents disciplined me. I live at peace with people who especially will allow me to live in peace. Without exulting myself or seeking exultation, I have been informed that I am a disciplined person among other compliments. I humbly accept with thanks and gratitude. I give it all to my parents. Most of all our God for assisting me and seeing me through to this day. I always say, so far so good.
    Praise and honor to The Blessed Trinity.
    Honor and hats off to disciplined parents. They are the primary recipients of well-disciplined and law-abiding children and adults. This is their pride, joy and satisfaction.

  4. Concerned Citizen
    October 14, 2010

    So if our children will grow up with minds of their own, should we have children? Is it so hopeless now the situation? Are we doomed? The pastor touched the surface, First problem secularization-the removal of God in our plans and our lives -No God no shame. Secondly pluralization-so many conflicting ideas that in the end there is confusion. We forget the boundaries everybody sees what they are doing is right. Thirdly privatization- we have become so engulfed into materialism. we don’t need anyone anymore. Its all about our cars our mansions etc. This is from a philosophical perspective
    From a social perspective-family structures have crashed. the effect of globalization is hitting us hard now. Some of us parents are too busy working hard for the SUV’s, the promotions, etc that we care less about our families etc Its a war there in societies where a famous man once said where we live in bicycle economies but we want to drive BMW’s
    So much more to say……………..

  5. Wondering
    October 14, 2010

    “Too many parents try to raise their children the wrong way without discipline.” Could this be the result of the parents themselves having no discipline? In many cases these parents are children themselves.

  6. wat a ting
    October 14, 2010


  7. Lizavier4Jesus
    October 14, 2010

    This message gives parents nothing to work with, should they have the need to discipline a child or youth, who may be showing signs of delinquency. It simply portrayed parents with a negative attitude, towards raising their children, which is a quite exaggerated.

    I do not agree that the majority of parents try to raise their children the wrong way; this is an expression without a fundamental base. What parent in Dominica will give their children things they cannot afford, especially when they must buy those expensive school books among other things on their own to make sure that their get a good education?

    We all would like to feel proud of our children. Most of us love our children, and we need to know that they are comfortable during their younger days. But children grow up with their own minds. As a parent I speak on behalf of parents who wish that their children did not turn out to be what they are today.

    Yes, we are the parents who are asking the question; “Where did I or we go wrong”? But most of the time there is nothing else we could have done. And there comes a time in our children’s life when we cannot control the attitude and conducts anymore.

    Pastor Rawls, I wish that you had detailed some advice to parents, especially the young ones, as to how we should work with our children who may be approaching delinquency, to discipline them into acceptable habits, according to the title of your article, instead of the negative portrayal in your article, of us parents.

  8. god bless those who help
    October 14, 2010

    WELL SAID, come on people where are the comments. give this a thumbs u.

    • Fitzroy Browne
      December 15, 2011

      Yes, children do have a mind of their own but if you train up a child in the way he or she should go, they may never depart from it.

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