I know this sounds weird and outrageous and I thought hard before writing to you. But I could not take it anymore and decided to write.

I am an 17-year-old young lady and I am sexually attracted to my father. It started happening about a year ago when I began developing this intense desire to be around him all the time. This grew into actual sexual desire. Whenever he talks to me or hugs me (as fathers usually do) I get turn on and have a raging desire for him.

I think he has not noticed I desire him sexually but I am pretty much sure that he has noticed that I like hugging him and rubbing against him and stuff like that. I just hope in my heart that he think is just a daughter expressing her normal love for her father.

I really want to get rid of that feeling because I love my father as a father. No, I don’t have a boyfriend because I have this strange feeling my father will get jealous.

What do I do


Dear Ashamed,

Young people your age normally go through hormonal imbalances which results in conflicting emotions and excessive energy.

One way is to find a safe, harmless outlet for those conflicting emotions and the surplus energy. Preferably something physical that involves discipline, like athletics. At the very least, take it out on a pillow. They don’t fight back.

Additionally get out of the house more often. Go to the library, meet new friends, develop a new hobby, join a youth group. Do things that are productive and will keep you busy.

Also talk to your parents together. Tell them you love them and how much you appreciate them being in your life. The feeling you have will pass, just make sure you don’t let it get you into any trouble.


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