Dennis Joseph

Dennis Joseph

It is a very poor democratic system that allows one side of the House of Assembly mainly the government side to expel a member of the other side from the House upon their whim and fancy.  Clearly such a system is open to future tit for tat abuse.  The attack on Danny Lugay was nothing more than a calculated, regimented show of power and punishment.  It was a warning shot across the bow of we the people with its accompanying explosion loudly sounding out, “We run things. Don’t mess with us or else.”  Lugay was arrested and charged for remarks made on a political platform for which he apologised, but a regime smelling blood remained unsatisfied.  Not waiting for the court trial and disregarding the creed that a person is innocent until proven guilty the PM warned Lugay to stay out of the House of Assembly and when he showed up used the Labour Party majority to kick him out.  It will get worse if the DLP guys are sent back in for a fourth term in government.  Personally I find that voting in a party four consecutive times is denying the nation of new talent and new ideas remaining stuck in the past and even unsuccessful way of doing things. The only party in Waitukubuli that was voted in for four consecutive terms was the Labour Party 1961, 1966, 1970, 1975 and in the fourth term the political upheaval of May 29th 1979 occurred.  The real shot across our bows is what that lesson of history has taught; three terms are strenuous and four terms, “is trouble we looking for.”

Things cannot change except we the people change them but we have to first wake up from slumber.  The rulers know that the people seemingly love their political party more than their Church and will forgive even the worst of transgressions by their favourite politician without asking for a confession or repentance.   For the most part the rulers are confident that despite their huge failings and false promises rather than hold them to account the people just prefer to snooze, “Me papa wake me up when it’s over.”   However according to Moms Mabley, “If you always do what you always did then you will always get what you always got.” We  were sleeping when GON Emmanuel and his wife  both in their 80’s  fled as best they could from their firebombed home on a dark pre-dawn Christmas morning three years ago and remained fast asleep when someone confessed to that attempted murder and to this date the police have done zilch.  It was Christmas morning when we celebrate the coming of Christ and this Christian nation closed eyes pretending to be asleep.  This proves that a Christian nation is not necessarily a nation of Christians.  We were snoring when the PM Skerrit proclaimed that no law not even the Constitution can stop him.  We were dreaming in   colours when Monell Williams a UWP election candidate was savaged at a DLP rally in her village of St Joseph.  We were turning in the bed when a platform speaker on the Labour Party platform asked for the elimination of the opposition groups in the same manner Obama goes after members of Al Qaeda.  We were in lullaby mood when retired Chief Justice Alleyne was ordered by the DLP minister to his toilet to hide himself and shut up because he expressed his opinion on a matter of national interest.  We were in sleep heaven when the present President Savarin was installed surrounded by the security forces in battle gear complete with war rifles.  It was too late in the night to hear the PM say that after his dual citizenship case he would deal with “dem fellas win, lose or draw.”  We remain with eyes wide open shut when we see the corruption around the electoral process and the falsely over-packed list of voters.  We pretend not to know that the courts of justice have become totally unrespected playgrounds; we didn’t hear their boast that the bishop of the Catholic Church is ‘their boy,’ and we are still in sleep wasteland when the media is securely placed under the control of the rulers.

Yet that is how absolutism begins its journey by controlling all the public voice and so while we were sleeping the Labour Party went about a job of acquiring control of the media.  The Labour Party seems to have   conquered most of the media outlets – DBS Radio, KairiFM, Vibes Radio, Marpin TV, GIS TV channel, and of late the Chronicle newspaper.  Even the last radio station still standing Q95FM which has limited antenna outreach seems stuck in a state of strenuously attempting to prove itself as free and balanced even going overboard repeating as news propaganda releases already aired on other radio stations.  It may not be long before an offer that cannot be refused is made for purchase of the Q95 station as the rulers relentlessly pursue total media control.

In this time when a pen can be in fact a video camera, phone tapping is the sport of local spies and private emails have become public mail those who are specially hired to do spying are having a feast every day. Rulers who are elected by democratic processes have used those very means to move toward totalitarianism safe in the knowledge that it is difficult for any opposition to rouse the people who insist on remaining in a state of sleepwalking.  They usually surround themselves with slow-witted men and women and a few clever ones with fluid tongues and facile minds who tell us what is right and wrong and who are there to be out on the media frontline.  The PM has been well manipulated into taking complete control of weak-kneed members of his cabinet and his handlers taking control of him.  They keep the people blissfully snoring and at the legally required election time get the PM to proclaim that he is divinely sent for a high purpose and make promises convincing the gullible that he will make them rise so high   that they will have to walk down steps to get to heaven.  The reality is that these promises are never fulfilled but are used to fool the people all the time and every election time the people line up to get fooled.

Some speculate an election day on November 27th  the birthday of the PM’s son which may explain what has become known as the goo -goo gaa -gaa silliness of the May 5th DLP rally at St Joseph, but whatever the date, with this vast array of media outlets the opposition has its work cut out.  The DLP at its disposal can spread its propaganda at will covering the people of Waitukubuli with a blanket of select information, disinformation and misinformation while we are sleeping.  The agents of the Prime Minister can use the radio against all they do not like whether because of politics or simply for personal reasons. The arrest of Danny Lugay by the ruling regime was orchestrated in the same manner the dictatorially inclined regimes of the world have done for years.  First destroy the person’s name by making a mountain out of a molehill or over exaggerating error and then move to destroy the person.  This also serves the purpose of diverting the attention of the people from real issues to “drama, bef and tory.”  That demolition job is done through the media mainly radio which is largely under their control.   The effect of this is usually public fear and intimidation, tentative talk and inaction.

However the wise Chinese saying, ‘The same water that floats the boat sinks the boat’ can apply in this case and Danny Lugay may well be the jutting rock on which the boat smashes it.  The Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes band of old sings the message lines, “Wake up everybody no more sleeping in bed,” but we the people did not hear that did we? No, we were just too busy snoring.