LETTER TO DOMINICANS: Power to the people


Dear Dominica,

I have occasion to write to you to explain, rationalize and yes, even apologise to my friends and family whom I might have caused anxiety by my actions of the last few days, which were solely done on your behalf, the reason for which I now explain to you.

On Thursday November 22nd at about 10am, I went to the Registry and I tried to enter from Long Lane.  I saw it was cordoned off and manned by individuals in Army type uniforms of a camouflage pattern.  I tried to enter thru there and was refused by the personnel at the entrance.  I told them they had NO RIGHT TO STOP ANYONE from going to the Court especially me since I am an Officer of the Court.

This was to no avail.   I walked around to the Bay Front to attempt to enter from the Main Entrance.  However the entire Boulevard was Cordoned Off, NO TRAFFIC from Cork St to Kennedy Ave.  Again there were cordons manned by individuals in ‘Army type’ uniforms of various camouflage patterns.  In attempting to enter there I was again refused after exchanging words with the . individuals in Army type uniforms of a camouflage pattern

I immediately returned to my office and called the Registry to speak to the REGISTRAR and inform him, if he did not already know, that there were individuals in ‘Army type’ uniforms surrounding the Registry and they would not let me enter to conduct my business.  However the secretary said that the Registrar and the Assistant Register were both traveling.  I asked her to tell me who was the Acting Registrar to which she replied “I do not know”.

The Registrar is probably the most important person to most of you members of the PUBLIC for it is HE who records EVERY BIRTH…EVERY DEATH…EVERY MARRIAGE…EVERY DIVORCE…EVERY LAND SALE…EVERY LEASE…EVERY CONTRACT…EVERY PROBATE…EVERY DEED hence it is the Registrar and the REGISTRY which, in fact, authenticates and makes LEGAL OUR DOMINICANESS.  The REGISTRY is more important to the daily life of every Dominican then Parliament, the Courts, the Police HQ.

You can imagine I was taken aback, hence I called the President of the Bar Association to inform her that we have NO REGISTRAR to which she responded “That’s impossible Mr. Shillingford…I know that the Registrar and the Deputy are traveling but they MUST HAVE a REGISTRAR, we are far down a road BUT NOT THAT FAR.”  She called back within 5 minutes and explained that she had found who it was, Ms. Auguste, a quiet, timid but extremely capable person who is truly bringing efficiency to the Title Section.  She said she had spoken to her and Ms. Auguiste come down and escort me in.  On hearing this I immediately went back to the ME Charles Blvd to await her.

She arrived about 2 – 3 minutes after me and told the person dressed like a uniformed soldier that she was the Acting Registrar and this is Mr. Shillingford, an Attorney.  Could you let him in, to which this TOY SOLDIER said NO.  I exclaimed WHAT! And he repeated NO you are not entering here.  If Ms. Auguiste could have disappeared into the earth she would have.  My heart went out for her, being so blatantly DISRESPECTED by this officer.

It was at that point that I realised that this was a demonstrable example of the fact that in DOMINICA there is NO LAW & NO CONSTITUTION.  Here the Guy with the most Guns can dictate How Things Shall Operate.  Well, I have watched the decay and rot that has been wrought upon the pristine image of Dominica, the Nature Island of the World, over the last 15 years and the resulting deterioration of what are considered ‘The Norms of Civilized Society.’

The events of Thursday November 22, 2018 were so skewed in LAW, so off the charts in legal terms, that I must list them:

  • The High Court is surrounded “by soldiers
  • The Registry also surrounded “by soldiers
  • A four block CENTRAL area of the Capital city cordoned off including the main artery ME Charles Blvd.
  • The cordons are manned by soldiers with automatic weapons and wearing flac jackets and various camouflage pattern uniforms.
  • No Name, No Flag, No Rank on the uniforms.


This is the LAW but it is not WRITTEN DOWN because it is so FUNDAMENTAL it is in law ‘A Priori’ to written laws as written laws can only be valid if these conditions exist.

  1. Armies cannot be used against its own citizens.
  2. Armies are to protect a country from foreign invasion.
  3. Army personnel have NO POWER OF ARREST.

Further and more particularity

  1. Dominica has no Army i.e. Defense Force, as it was disbanded as the last Defense Force in Dominica attempted a coup d’état against the government the leader Colonel Newton was the last person hanged.
  2. The EXECUTIVE (the State) cannot interfere or intervene in any manner with the working of the JUDICIARY (the Courts).
  3. Having an ARMY surround a Court means that the State is Under Martial Law.

Now it is clear that the Prime Minister has not or refuses to read the Constitution much less apply it hence as a result I HAD TO TAKE CIVIL ACTION, that you have all seen and heard being shared on the news and social media.

I took this action because as a citizen of Dominica and an Attorney I felt compelled to exercise my rights under the law. It was a CIVIL ACTION the right of EVERY DOMINICAN.

There  are two other issues that arise but I will deal with them at a later date

  • The inhumane treatment arrestees and the condition of the jails in Dominica
  • My personal treatment in the Jail and the circumstances of my actual arrest.


Power To The People



Henry Shillingford

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  1. EmpressD
    November 29, 2018

    All if this sounds like BULL…., they take Dominicans for fool, and think that they can go around us. Iit is quite obvious that someone gave these men in guns orders. Sounds like a plan; they send the two main Registras away and left someone with no Authority as Acting. Who gave the orders, and why? Is the question. We must ALWAYS Look deeper into things, open your eyes. Especially when it is nit making sense.

  2. Rat Race
    November 29, 2018

    Now if every Dominican would actually read up on and know their rights as citizens and act accordingly the Govt will have no choice put to put things in order. They can not do any harm to Shillingford because knowledge is power. Power To The People!

  3. jungle
    November 29, 2018

    Me Shillingford, thank-you for this exposé of the extreme corrosion of democratic principle in Dominica, and for your courage in showing it to us.
    And fake police in camo outfits – you look like clowns! What is the logic in wearing a jungle or desert camo outfit in an urban environment? Burn these outfits and act like the protectors of the populace and upholders of law and constitution that you are supposed to be.

  4. Power to the people
    November 29, 2018

    Sir I’m in complete agreement with your behaviour but one thing that concern me is that people like you i such high level position have never seen the need to voice the indiscriminate behaviour happening at home.
    I’m not rejoicing but is expressing deepest sadness yet some where inside me I’m glad it happened to you.
    I hope this will allow you and the many persons that is being victimised to stand up and demonstrate in expression of your disappointment.
    It’s time the ppl rise up and stop all this talking. Dominican have too much big chat and no action and this what the government knows. Hey they too are the product of the environment.
    All the best sir as you take that step to lead the ppl with your influence.

  5. anonymous2
    November 29, 2018

    Henry, you saw with your own eyes and you know exactly what it is. You have no rights and there is no Constitution. That is the meaning of all of this. This is a fascist government and this is the prelude to an unfair election and an ultimate takeover. If that doesn’t open someone’s eyes, I don’t know what is takes in DA. The US has been under Martial law and the Constitution has been suspended since 1933. However, if you keep repeating a lie and perpetuate the lie in the educational systems, and the court systems that everything is just as it was pre-1933 or that you are still under Constitutional jurisdiction and create that scenario, then the people believe it. It is all a game of deception. Belief is not truth.
    There are troops from other places training in DA at different times. When in the military you are under mind control.

  6. I don't care
    November 28, 2018

    That’s how he got into DCP. remember he had no qualifications then & now lol maybe he can take a crooked leaf from his buddy’s book and get a few honorary degrees too.
    All of them is one comes so nothing is off. Gov’t’s evil, opposition don’t know how .The leftist now opportunists making their millions on the side by being on as many boards as feasible in private practice plus doing gov’t jobs whilst being ambassadors on the side/run. All of them like most of us come from
    very poor back grounds and there is not holding back on accumulation.
    In addition to the aforementioned jobs be it boards , Gov’t reated positions they are selling passports too.
    Hey! you how much more money you wanna make?hahahhahaha and you sick blood pressure high sugar bowbow bad back, bad heart.Do you plan on being the richest in the burial ground? I wonder.

    • W B St.Jean-PA cousin 2 Johnathan
      November 29, 2018

      Tim Et Al this seems like a continuation of a story you all left out something or just deleted.
      Where is the initial part ? This seems to confirm many suspicions of posters who have accused U of delting changing posts. Right or wrong?

      ADMIN: Read the comment policy which can be found here: http://dominicanewsonline.com/news/policies/#comment-policy

  7. RastarMarn
    November 28, 2018

    Bossman be very careful mistaDem have their orders to do whatever they want and with the look of things with the correct pullstring will get away with even taking lives,,,

    All the revolutionaries except Fidel that came before now was gotten by those with the armies,,,

    You of all people should know, when the Ones in Power violate that Oath of Office they must stand before the proper judiciary and atone for Sin(s) committed,,,

    Brother You alone was there that day to firsthand experience what these fellows did so Marn cannot begin to feel your pain,,,

    Take a deep intake of that good Dominican air and put paper to these fellows to get them for the Breach of Contract,,,

    These fellows are violating that Secret Order thereby violating Laws including but not limited to Mosaic Laws, those Laws which their Oath is thereby Bound,,,

  8. city obsever
    November 28, 2018

    Now i understand, i would have done the same thing or worst. Power to the people.

    • Dominican2dbone
      November 29, 2018

      Me too! But its just a matter of time.

  9. mine
    November 28, 2018

    What you did was wrong Sir, you should behave as a professional.

    • Shaka Zulu
      November 28, 2018

      Tell that to st. Jean when he held someone against thier will, tell that to the dr who brought a gun in parliament, tell that to the bull dog from toucari, tell that to the insecure leader who invite people to fight and when they jump in the ring hiding behind SSU and the speaker blouse and abusing the power of the office, tell that to the ministers who bring young ladies into thier office in the ministry and then locking thier doors while thier hand in places it should not go, tell that to the passport sellers who becoming millionaire on state property some of them in malaysia every weekend getting drunk on asian honey, tell that to the senior counsel who stirs up crap and run to defend the PM every sec while he get big fee from gov/ public purse. Finally tell that to the mobsters that run the government. Ali baba and the 17 thieves.

  10. Alix Joseph
    November 28, 2018

    Brother I salute you hats off to you .I cant understand the reason for denying you entry into the registry.It is so pathetic what is happening in our beautiful country
    It is time to unite and stand up against the injustices in this country. God help us I ptay.za

  11. Bob Denis
    November 28, 2018

    Dominica’ history post so-called Independence is about to play the same episode all over . The Anima mind of individualism always leave in some cases sad taste in the mouth. You are in a very good position to start a grass root movement , the Legal advice you come with , is the pillar needed . Bro Shillingford your name is one of prominence in Dominica , identify with the grass roots or start a movement . No Diasporan group will have a say on if Mr Skerrit stay or go . but the people on the Island. You can be the spark Mr Shillingford . Past History is facing Dominica straight up .

    • Black Power Kalinago Power to the people
      November 29, 2018

      Denis Bob Black power hahahahahahaha where is bob based? Trinidad& Tobago or elsewhere ? been a while Black power bob.

  12. Jonathan Y St Jean
    November 28, 2018

    Power to Henry Shilingford for standing up for Dominica. Mr Shilingford knows the law like other lawyers in the country but he set himself apart putting his reputation and well being on the line to ensure that democracy is practiced in Dominica and doesn’t represent words on a piece of paper. The mebmers of the bar association came out seeking the support of the general public so they can get to sit in their high back chair with their garments of authority and flamboyance. They feel safe and secure in their status and don’t give a damn about the direction of the country, yet they want poor people’s children to join them in their protest. They took vows to protect the laws of the country, yet unlike Mr Shilingford, who showed he is patriotic, these other Pontius Pilates should be ashamed of themselves. Henry Shilingford, you will be rewarded some way for your bravery and sacrifice

  13. November 28, 2018

    To bring attention to a wrong by way of Civil Disobedience is not easy, as those who have taken this route well know. Very often it is left to an individual to openly draw attention to an injustice. It cannot be done in disguise or under the protection of a pseudonym. Most prefer the safer option of keeping quite and patiently waiting for change.

    But if Rosa Parks had patiently waited, public transport in Montgomery might still be segregated.

    • Joseph John
      November 28, 2018

      Rosa Parks and Dr King did not kick or spit on anyone, they were very respectful towards the police. They knew the police were obeying orders. The also knew that this same police would be their protection in the future . Rosa Parks and Dr King never retaliated and never incite violence, but they succeeded in their quest for social justice to the extent that today America can boast of several black people (both genders) in recognized position even in that of President.

      • Lord help us
        November 29, 2018

        Sitting down when it was illegal to do so as a black person was retaliation. Different horse same race.

        Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 12 Thumb down 2
  14. Tobby
    November 28, 2018

    Police should not wear camouflage, these particular fatigue uniform is for the soldiers. Dominica police force need to get these change. Recommending Blue Uniforms fatigue like other Caribbean counterparts. Camouflage is for army personnel’s, and I know to a fact that we dnt have such.

  15. Shaka Zulu
    November 28, 2018

    The problem is the level of ignorance that exist in this country from the government to the man sleeping on the street mr. Shillingford is in the wilderness. If this government does not go through the constitutional means it is ok to remove through unconstitutional means, in layman’s terms revolution. The PM has skirted the provision of the constitution to lead tbe country so why cant the country do the same get rid of his a……….s? Only fair. Oh how i miss the folks that once lived in the 70s.

  16. out of south city
    November 28, 2018

    and the list goes on. You would think that the so-called religious people who confess the name of GOD would stand up against the injustice but they are part and parcel of the BIG PROBLEM that exists. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing, mamagying (exploiting) the people, just as Massa did. Most people in this society have a religious blindfold and are unable to see. They continue to follow their religious and political leaders and continue to fall into a ditch. The two worse systems in the world; Religion and Politics.
    I am awaiting the other two issues that you will point out at your subsequent date. Meanwhile continue to be a voice for, and with the people.

    MORE POWER TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOTEP (PEACE)

  17. out of south city
    November 28, 2018

    Thanks, my brother, for this synopsis of our constitution and the LAWLESSNESS that continues in our once PEACEFUL nation. We need more knowledgeable people like you to open our eyes because apparently, since most of us have no knowledge of the constitution, we fall prey to any and everything that this present administration puts out there. We are such a gullible people and do not know our fundamental rights as citizens, and as a result, we can’t voice our opinions even in public. Most of us think that we live in a democratic society but again, we do not know the meaning of democracy. We believe that since Skerrit was given the so-called Doctorates, that he is educated but what most of us do not realise is that he did not earn them. In my many years as a citizen of Dominica, I have never seen such an inept and dictatorial government where citizens are arrested for speaking up against injustice, being SHUT UP in Parliament by the “Madame Speaker”, denied the right to speak in public,

  18. %
    November 28, 2018

    Well done Henry.Nothing lasts forever .Even some/all of Skerrit’s goons should know that …I additionally call for an end to the persecution of all opposition members,and a balanced justice system.
    We are at an all time low.

  19. Lord help us
    November 28, 2018

    No Name, No Flag, No Rank on the uniforms, sounds like a Mercenary crew than police to me.

    • Anon
      November 29, 2018

      Right on. They are not strangers to DA. They train there and do a lot of the MJ busts.

  20. don2fresh
    November 28, 2018

    There are 3 sides to every story. That side (i.e Mr Shillinfords side), this side (the officer’s side) and the truth. The truth is the one which usually stays hidden no matter what people say about “the truth always comes to light”. I want to use a verse from the hymn some people used a few days back “sin cannot correct sin”.
    Plus Mr Shillingfords know right well, as an officer of the court, why the “men in army uniforms” were there. Mr Shillingfords knew exactly what he did and why he did it. And I know all the UWP supporters are going to steam me for saying this but Mr Shillingford’s actions were very manipulatives. They do and say certain things to cause a stir and plays the victim role when it is being handled. He went there knowing that there were certain security measures there. He went to engage in his own protest action and that is all I am reading, that is what I saw in the video and that is what onlookers who are not bias UWP are saying.and now that he did, he is…

  21. Ready or Not
    November 28, 2018

    When you are in war some shoot, some curse, some are very aggressive while others display a don’t care attitude. Linton and Fontaine understand Skerrit has declared war against us and they keep fighting by simply informing us of the battle and why we should come together to deliver our country from Skerrit. They did not tell us to physically fight them but simply led in a “Skerrit must go” chant. But for that they were dragged before the courts for trison and now inticement. Henry is a lawyer and understands the law and exposed the illegality of the war Skerrit has declared on the nation, with his arned soldiers dressed in their fatigues. For that he was arrested, persecuted and maybe beaten. But the worse part was to hear Calie Johnbaptist discribe what he knew was a potential legal matter, all in defense of the battle. CJ was very very unprofessional, biassed, embarrassing in his report. He was so graffic and even wanted to say what Henry said to those attacking us. Poor job…

  22. Ibo France
    November 28, 2018

    This explanation is an eye opener for many uninformed Dominicans. The constitution is being ignored and trampled upon by this blatantly militaristic regime. This is no hyperbole. Every aspect of governance under Skerrit’s leadership is dysfunctional, autocratic and retrogressive. The current state of affairs in Dominica reminds one of Russia, China, North Korea and Venezuela. Every little demonstration is met with a needless, powerful, military show of force. Whenever a government is losing favor with the majority of the citizens they use the military might of the state not to repel an invasion but to subdue, oppress, intimidate and harass its own citizens. The longer a political party stays in power the more corrupt and dictatorial it becomes. It’s full time for Skerrit and his subservient disciples to vacate office. Instead of bringing peace, happiness, contentment and a decent standard of living to the people, they have visited dire poverty and conflicts on the citizens.

    • November 29, 2018

      People like you are afraid of Henry Shillingford and using his ignorant actions to lend support to your anti-government position. Anyone who knows this gentleman will know that he went there to be confrontational, his political ramblings speaks volumes to what his intentions were. Lawyers don’t just go to the Registry most times their staff visit the registry to do work on their behalf. In all his ramblings Mr. Shillingford is yet to state what his business was at the registry. Not that it is any of my business, but he is the one who wrote this article about been denied entry to the registry without stating what his business was.

  23. Paul Rossnof
    November 28, 2018

    We all need to get together Henry. We have to stop this ongoing corruption and injustice. This government has to go. Let’s get together and do it. What Savarin once did, WE CAN DO BETTER…

  24. RandyX
    November 28, 2018

    Henry, I feel for you and I’m with you all the way. This nonsense has to stop and it has to stop now! Dominica belongs to the people of Dominica and not to Skerrit and his thieves. The people have to rise otherwise we loose our beloved country to these thugs. Power to the People! Let’s rise and kick this lot out of our country!

  25. ddd
    November 28, 2018

    really thought the two questions would be first on your too do list rasta

  26. My Bad
    November 28, 2018

    Thank you very much Mr. Shillingford, first for standing for the rest of us and secondly for explaining to what really happened. After hearing your explanation I now call on the owner and manager of Q95 to place a band on that CAR-LIE journalist, for that wrong, evil, and malicious report of his as if he was paid by the police or by Skerrit to do that nonsense. Car-Lie should be banned from Q95, just as the speaker banned him from the parliament. God did not ban him from his house so let him go there to falsely report what he knows nothing about.

  27. zandoli
    November 28, 2018

    Henry, there are ways to effect change and galvanize the public. That was not the way. You made this all about you. If you want to lead and make the country work like a true democracy, you need to lead by example and command the respect that is required to have people follow you. You may have your supporters who will follow you no matter what you do. I can assure you, you will not attract many people with that kind of behavior.

    • Am no fan of Henry but ...
      November 28, 2018

      Did you read what the man said? Henry is obviously a bad mouth character to say the least and maybe his outburst was not called for. But what right did the police have to refuse him entry to the building when the acting Registrar said it was ok for him to come in?

      • Joseph John
        November 28, 2018

        Sir, As the man said the area was secured, cordoned off and maned by armed police officers in military uniform. The court is a public building, a government building. You are not an officer of the court. Even if you are an employee of the court you could be denied entry by the agents of the government, the police operating under orders.
        You are an educated man with credibility, but your action seem mandated by your elusion that you can intimidate anyone with your plantation master attitude. You think that elite social standing and name recognition is authority to do as you please.
        Your bad behavior cannot be excused. As a professional you unethical behavior is nothing but shameful. This fanatical behavior is the gateway for anachy, violence and terrorism
        Why were you arrested? Why some prisoners in the court had to stand in solidarity with you? why are your supporters treating a reporter who gave an eyewitness report on Q95 a bad name?
        why this reference to may 29,1979…

        Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 15 Thumb down 22
      • zandoli
        November 28, 2018

        Aren’t we saying the same thing? I did not say the police had any right to deny him entry into the registry. All I was saying is that the manner in which he conducted himself is not going to change anything, unless that was never his intention.

        Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 8 Thumb down 5
    • Jonathan Y St Jean
      November 28, 2018

      @Zandoli, do you think there is only one way to deal with things that affect the masses negatively? I bet you would decry Nelson Mandela, when he abandoned his law practice, took up arms and ended up liberating his country and becoming a role model for the world. People like you appease dictators until you are personally affected. Zandoli, keep on keeping your mouth shut I just hope you find someone to tell when they come for you and or your loved ones. Meanwhile Mr Shilingford is fighting for cowards like you. You may not want to accept it. Mandela was not embraced so widely when he began, like he is now. Mr Shilingford has nothing to be ashamed of even he doesn’t have wide public support for the time being.

  28. derp
    November 28, 2018

    UNBELIEVABLE this kind of nonsense has to stop!
    Power to the people indeed, we have the power to stop this come on people!

    • Joseph John
      November 28, 2018

      We have the power to expect good behavior, particularly from our educated professionals. What kind of example is that? A lawyer advocating violence and disrespect towards the police on the pretence that he is protecting my rights. This no face boldface article is just promotion of wrong and strong.
      Armed policemen ask me to move and I try to put myself and others in harms way.
      The police must be commended for their behavior in spite of extreme provocation.
      The opposition forces keep provoking the police and the authorities to retaliate, but they are professionals who know that they have to protect those “hot heads” from harming themselves. Great job officers. It is about time that we learn to treat police officers with due respect.
      His description (on Q95 ) refering to an officer of the court, an adult lady, as a “little intimidated Carrib girl” stinks.
      Was “Mr” Shillingford offering himself as a human sacrifice….to whom …..for whom.

      • Neville
        November 29, 2018

        Oh shut up. Your twisted views are totally out of line. Stop your Labour propaganda

        Like or Dislike: Thumb up 4 Thumb down 3
  29. bibi
    November 28, 2018

    Thanks for explaining and for enlightening me om the law.

    • Joseph John
      November 28, 2018

      Are you being sarcastic. Did he quote any section of any law. I am no lawyer but Mr Shillingford knows what the mandate of the police and the extent of their authority is.

  30. jamie
    November 28, 2018

    Dominica is dooomed,and will continue to suffer from all these natural disasters,water washes away evil,this country is gone.

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