Horatio Toussaint

Joyful!  That’s the best way to describe Mr. Horatio Toussaint of Pointe Michel. This man is a glowing testimony to Dominica’s distinction as the place for strong and healthy seniors. How does he make you feel? You tell me after listening to him in a minute. And yet, a singular mystery hangs over him like a dark cloud. It is the kind of travesty that makes people shake their heads in utter frustration and groan, “Only in Dominica!”

I do not have all the facts. I trust that the authorities will quickly clarify the matter brought up toward the end of the interview. What we do know is that years ago, Government presented Mr. Toussaint with an award for top farmer of the village. His exploits in agriculture are legendary. He was recognized for assisting with extensive recovery work after Hurricane David. Government contracted him to build animal enclosures at Stockfarm. Most notably, he succeeded in using donkey manure to produce cooking gas while a handful of others taught the skill had failed. In fact, he improvised on the instructions of the German experts when their ‘bio-gas’ demonstration did not work. In his backyard, I saw the ruins myself. Can we resurrect that potential? Our scientists at home and abroad will follow up on that.

A cultural icon, Mr. Toussaint illustrates in vivid imagery, his feats as a bandmaster. He taught himself to play nine instruments. His eyes sparkle as he recalls being called upon to perform for the high class when victory celebrations broke out at the end of World War II. His reflection on the racial separation in those days of local ‘apartheid’ is quite telling.

My bright and beautiful Sunday morning with this delightful gentleman is far and away one of the highlights of my year. But what of this ‘dark cloud?’ Have others been treated this cruel way? Has this pattern become so usual that citizens just give up? Listen to Mr. Toussaint in his own words and you decide: https://soundcloud.com/dr-sam-christian/horatiotoussaint

Dr. Christian is a surgeon and author who writes on health and development-related matters. He can be contacted be at 767 440-9133 (office), 767 265-0886 (whatsapp) or through http://urgentcareda.weebly.com/