Unlike most other countries, Dominican patients increasingly come too late for  treatment. The numbers are actually quite frightening. Let’s not be afraid to ask ourselves why. At least two main dysfunctional beliefs immediately jump into sharp focus:
1. Bush medicine cures all. In many of our minds, science can make an awesome cell phone but not advanced medical or surgical treatments
2. Commanding disease to be healed by the laying on of hands and casting out in faith. Preventive health checks, pharmacists, nurses, doctors and hospitals is for when all else fails.
There is indeed a place for quietly visiting the shut-ins one-on-one and showing that our community cares.
I love great praise & worship music, traditional hymns as well as evolving local genres like Bouyon. However, that self-serving gospel concert was somewhat like fruit cake. It peddled a dash fake cures here, a sprinkling of fake hope there and of course – the main ingredient: a heaping scoop of clown show!
It illustrated for all to see how decisions of state at the highest levels are strongly influenced by such backward, vain & magical thinking. The net result is a country steadily dropping in most objective indicators of development and progress.
We wrestle not against flesh and blood. We are in the thick of an intense spiritual battle. Believing they are there forever, the rulers of darkness persist in wasting time, energy and resources on mindless victimization, persecution and hoarding. They seek to transform themselves into angels of light through the antics of highly paid prophets. Pre-election, top-dollar free concerts are charged as “treating & bribery” in democratic countries. In Dominica it has become a trademark badge of honour. But thanks be unto God, there is always a growing remnant of faithful who shall never be confused.
Our Isle of Beauty national anthem is spot on! We have “toil with hearts and hands and voices.” We have to “Do the right, be firm, be fair.” Translation: discipline, international  best practices and honest hard work is sure to transform Dominica into another sparkling St. Kitts, St. Lucia or Grenada.
Dominica desperately needs effective treatment! Let’s not be too late:
Choose this day whom ye shall serve…