By Paul Kokoski

Dear Editor: I find it rich that Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, would attempt to discredit the Catholic Church over its dealing with pedophilia priests in Ireland. Where the Catholic church is trying to weed out vice among the clergy the Anglican denomination is accepting it in spades as part of their teaching.

In fact, the Anglican denomination of Christianity is over. Like Judas they have sold out to modernity by including  openly homosexual bishops among their ranks. Studies prove that there is a close link between pedophilia and homosexual erotic development. Indeed their severance from truth first began at their inception when they decided to break with the Catholic Church and go off on their own. Their foreseen downfall is now coming to fruition as an increasing number of orthodox Anglicans are retracing their spiritual steps and returning to Rome.

Unlike the Pope who has supreme power over the Catholic Church, Rowan Williams is nothing more than a figurehead for Anglicans. He will not be able to stem the tide of spiritual poison that has infected the Anglican Hierarchy.

I encourage Anglican traditionalists and others – including atheists and dissenting Catholics – tossed about by the waves of false doctrines to climb aboard the barque of Peter for it will be their only safe haven in these troubling times.

Paul Kokoski is a resident and native of Canada and an avid reader of DNO.

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