Letters_20to_20Editor_380419663With all these unpredictable occurrences with climate change and pest and disease infestation, it can’t be to the disadvantage of anyone that we create an agro-tourism association in Dominica.

The main reason is to generate additional income, not just for the direct beneficiaries, but also, for the country at large.

Agricultural tourism can be described as any agricultural operation that brings visitors to a farm. Agricultural tourism, from my research, can also be extended to fishermen, seedling propagators, agro-processors, herbalists and florists since they’re all actively involved in the agricultural sector. Not only will they be sharing knowledge with, but also entertaining, and in most cases, feeding visitors some healthy, naturally grown, locally produced food while earning a decent amount of extra money.

It is extremely important, especially as the tourism season is approaching, that persons actively involved in agriculture work cohesively with each other towards a common goal of promoting agriculture through tourism. How? It is by forming the Dominica Agro-tourism Association (DATA) with a mission of educating, entertaining and earning through agro-tourism.

The Government of Dominica along with the Ministry of Agriculture should work with the association to ensure technical and financial support is provided to the young minds who are ready to take up the mantle of increasing the country’s GDP through agro-tourism in 2016.