Dear Editor:

Our company, Carib Sand & Stone (CSS) is referenced in the letter dated Thursday February 24, 2011 captioned “Questions concerning state of Pointe Michel road for Minister of Works,” which is published on your website. The letter which was signed by “Born and bred Dominican” distorts the good image of CSS in several ways and attempts to damage its good name through a controversy with the Hon. Minister of Works. CSS is a good corporate citizen of Dominica. Therefore, in order to protect the good name of CSS, I am writing to clarify this misinformation and set the record straight.

CSS, A Dominican Company

The letter refers to Carib Sand & Stone as “a French company.” The Dominican public needs to know the truth on this matter. The truth is that Carib Sand & Stone is a DOMINICAN company. Carib Sand & Stone was established in Dominica on December 7th, 2005 by a group of people of Caribbean origin. CSS is registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica. The company pays taxes and dues in Dominica, meets most of its operational expenses, and pays salaries to its employees in Dominica. Specifically, twenty-five (25) people who are “born and bred Dominicans” are employed by Carib Sand & Stone. Further, Carib Sand & Stone is not a subsidiary or a branch of any foreign company.

CSS, a good Corporate Citizen
Since start of operation in October 2006, CSS has contributed significantly to the local communities of Loubiere and Pointe Michel but also to Dominica in general. CSS has contributed through community development initiatives, involving the village council, churches, schools, various associations as well as individuals. In addition, since 2006, CSS has contributed in excess of EC $2.7 million by way of crushed and raw tarrish to the Government of Dominica, payment of taxes, dues,  social security and Value Added Tax (VAT).

CSS, a environmentally conscious company
Quarrying is not neutral to the environment, to the landscaping in particular. This is the nature of this industry. Nevertheless, we have implemented a number of mitigation actions in order to minimize the impact of our activity on the surrounding ecosystems. The protection of the pristine Caribbean waters and the Solomon reefs are among our daily concerns. With regards to the specific  condition of the Solomon reefs, we have engaged since 2007 an independent diving company who performs a quarterly check of the reefs. The available results, which are also communicated to the Fisheries Department, indicate that the reef remains healthy in particular around the concrete jetty built in 2008.

In short, Sir, our company is we believe a good corporate citizen of Dominica. CSS takes and will continue to take its social responsibility very seriously. Far from Dominica and Dominicans being victimized by CSS, the relationship between the Government and people of Dominica and CSS is one that benefits both sides. We at CSS have great confidence in the future of Dominica and in the long term potential of the manufacturing sector in particular. That is why we intend to continue to broaden and strengthen this relationship far into the future.

Jean-Yves Bonnaire
Managing Director

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