Dear Editor: As a local businessman I am fed up with how Dominicans conduct business on a daily basis, from small businesses to multi-million dollar corporations.

My first gripe is the relationship between organisations as it relates to customer service, which is rotten and low here.

If an organisation such as a bank or telephone company has the need to pass on information as it relates to the management or finances of the company, normally a representative from such organisation would call and ask to speak to the  manager or seek to obtain a direct number to someone in authority, right? Or, alternatively, leave a general message to get in touch as soon as possible, right?

Not in Dominica!

When any of those organisations call a business place, they leave a message with any employee, therefore your employee, who otherwise wouldn’t be privy to your information as it relates to rental, account management, fees, debts, payments etc, knows everything about your business.

I have worked and lived in other jurisdictions and it is totally different. Our boss always told us that when you call a business place, and the matter is in no way related to an employee, we should try to get in touch with the manager directly – and no one else. He also instructed us not to leave messages with sensitive information about the business to any employee.

Not in Dominica!

They call about a bill or something, and instead of asking for a manager, the spineless, brainless person who calls blurts out everything to the employee, not caring if it’s the receptionist or cleaner, when in fact such sensitive information should only be given directly to the manager. Such behaviour is unprofessional.

Also, I observe that people in Dominica, when they pay monies, do not like to simply place the check for the intended recipient in an envelope, seal it, label it and drop it off.

On several occasions my business receives checks “just like that” – not sealed or contained in any parcel or envelope, therefore I normally have my staff handing over checks to me, bare as they were “born”. So in fact, who-so-ever answers the door (could be a thief holding us hostage) collects a check that is not contained in an envelope. They won’t ask for the boss or accountant or sales person, the stupid messenger just drops off the bare check or cash.

Times are soo hard, but you’re telling me we can’t afford envelopes or a banana leaf to wrap the check in?

Nothing is wrong if the person meets the boss and hands him a check without an envelope. But if he/she is not around simply place it in an envelope.

That’s how Dominicans grow their children?

Just yesterday, one of my junior employees gave me a message that they should not be privy to. Yes, and it was coming from the National Bank, from someone you expected to have some sort of class and professionalism. The person could have asked for the boss, and if he or she is not there, leave a darn message to call back. In fact the information that they were relaying could have waited until the next business day. Or use the little sponge we have in our skulls and ask for the boss’ direct numbers if it is that important.

Some of these so-called high society people, who think they are better than anyone else, are the ones doing it. They should also remember that customer service is part of their job description.

I also notice that customer service representatives do not provide you with proper or complete information concerning their business esp. as it relates to applications of any sort. It’s after obtaining the result when you realise that they left out pertinent information, or did not follow the proper procedures.

A friend of mine recently went to obtain her driver’s license for the first time. After being successful, she went to pay for the license at the cashier at Inland Revenue, she left the building. Now the silly cashier did not tell the lady (knowing it is a first-time licensee) that she should go to the other end to obtain the card. He simply did what he had to do (so the rest was left up to her to find out). Now that’s what you call poor customer service. The lady went to the police department and was told she had to go back to Inland Revenue.

I’ve had peeps process documents and when they go to process transactions elsewhere they are asked how they obtain such documents because it was not supposed to be done or not done properly.

For God’s sake, Dominicans, it’s the 21st century. Get a grip!  We stagnant and slumping deeper in the pits.

Pissed off