Dear Editor: I am a young lady who is angry at this moment. For a week I was very sick so I went to the hospital, where I was told that I am a few weeks pregnant, but found out for the first time that I also have what we call fibroid.

I suffered for the whole week with excruciating pain, and I could not go to work. I tried to obtain a sick leave paper after three days, but when I got to the hospital the nurse told me I could not get it today because the doctor is out in the country. When the pain continued I made an appointment to see a private doctor, and my appointment was expected on Friday. He did his assessment and recommended I get a few tests done and prescribed some medication. The doctor told me I was okay to return to work on Monday, since the pain had subsided, and I was okay.

When I called my boss to inform him, he was unavailable, and I left a message that the doctor said I am fine and can return to work. On Monday morning when I arrived at work, my boss told me that I am pregnant and I should stay at my home to rest. He already got somebody else to work. He also told me if I know I’m going to be sick it is best he puts somebody else to do his work. According to him, he doesn’t want when he expects me to come to work I have fallen sick and can’t come. I was so angry. I told him ‘I am not God and I don’t know when and if I am going to be sick. I can’t say next week I will be sick or whenever. I am not the first woman to get pregnant and feel sick.’

I am furious and felt that I was wrongfully laid off from work, at the time when I need the job and money to take care of me and my baby. I believe employers should treat people better than this, especially pregnant employees. I don’t know what to do or who to turn to, but I’m angry and needed people to know of my situation.

Angry young lady.