Risk-taking chicken.

I am 100% convinced Dominican pedestrians are not smart.

Being a visitor here it is annoying to watch Dominicans stroll across the roadways as if they don’t care for their own life and limb! How can someone attempt to cross, or cross the road then look after?

As a youngster growing up in Antigua, our parents taught us to stop, look up and down at least twice, and ensure the road is clear enough for crossing. Not Dominicans. They run or walk cross the road like a chicken without sometimes ever looking if a vehicle was coming.

And if you miss hitting them they tell you about your mother*** and threaten to sue. In other countries, careless pedestrian as such would not survive to tell the tale, much less to sue anyone for their own careless behaviour.

Proper road use starts with home training and public education programmes.

Big people cannot be walking across the road like their strolling through their residential backyard.

Earlier this week, I almost hit an old man because he walked across the road suddenly and only stopped to look when I mashed the brakes. Instead of saying sorry, he waved angrily at me. I was driving at about 40 miles per hour. If I was coming at 70-80, he would be a dead man.

Of nuisance are the biker boyz, who think they are the most notorious and dangerous. They swerve dangerously in traffic, across incoming vehicles and stop suddenly, then hurl threats and expletives. Normally, I do not say anything because it will be a shootout resembling the wild wild west if they decide to touch first gear. Apparently, they are made out of iron, but they must note that most people aren’t afraid of a bad frown.

I think the police department need to take a little money from their budget and spend on an education programme, otherwise your citizens will remain and careless regarding road use.

Angry Visitor