Tony Astaphan

Dear Editor,

Were it not for this new culture of alternative facts and misinformation infecting us today I would have ignored the childishness of Miss Williams, who I do not know.  But I need to put the record straight. 

  1. The only time I have every been paid by or from the Treasury is when I am officially retained by the Attorney General to represent the Government or Minister in their official capacities;
  2. I do not recall ever charging the Attorney General of Dominica $40,000.USD for a single case. But if I did, who is Miss Williams to question my fees for my professional services as a leading SC in the OECS?
  3. I have never been retained  or paid by the Attorney General or Government to handle any private matter for Prime Minister Skerrit;
  4. I have never ever charged Prime Ministers Skerrit, Gonsalves, Browne, Douglas, or Anthony  one cent when I have represented them in  their personal capacities or in libel cases.
  5. I will not be charging Prime Minister Skerrit for the libel cases I am going to file first against Lennox Linton and thereafter the others. I consider it my patriotic duty to do so. He is also my friend and I will defend him against this and all smear campaigns to the end;
  6. Miss Williams refers to an invoice of $40,000.00 USD . But she does not tell you what the case involved. Typical of a scandal-mongerer. 

Best regards