Dear editor,

Could you kindly post this as a letter to the minister rather than a response?

Dear honorable minister,

You were voted based on a campaign that you are qualified with a Masters in Business Administration.

1. What is the multiplier effect to the Dominican economy?
2. Is the interest on a reducing balance?
3. Is there a grace period prior to loan installments?
4. What are the installments?
5. What are the projected revenue generators to pay these installments?
6. How many jobs will be created by this project?
7. Is this a revenue generator or a liability to the tax payers? If so please explain.
8. What Is the net trade balance between Dominica and China?
9. Is the current Dominican population able to pay this loan or are we expecting an influx of other persons that will be given Dominican passports and be generating greater tax revenues to enable these payments?
10. What is the MOU between China and Dominica?
11. Having seen you attending Church, Does not the bible say: “the Borrower is slave to the lender”

Thank you for your honorable answers


Born and bred Dominica