Dear Editor,

Yesterday afternoon, I was alerted by a friend who works in the media that Police Chief, Daniel Carbon, had called an “emergency press conference.”

The first thought that came to my mind was the Carbon was about to address the nation on four Dominicans who had gone missing within a space of a few weeks. In my mind to have that amount of people missing on a small island of less than 70,000 people should be of grave concern.

My mind began working almost immediately: maybe Carbon was going to say a special task force was set up to investigate the missing persons; a special hotline was being activated to assist in the investigation, and so on and so on.

However, my hopes were dash when I realized Carbon had called the “emergency press conference” to address what he said were calls to talk shows which incite violence in Dominica.

I listened with my mouth open while he spoke about Dominica will not experience “the errors of 1979 and the early 1980’s” and how the police force will deal with anyone who incites or perpetrates acts of violence and lawlessness on the island.

Now, I listen to all the various radio talk shows and there appears to be no evidence that is strong enough to cause national concern. There might be one or two callers with strong opinions suggesting certain things but I don’t think they are so powerful that will motivate Dominicans to start breaking the law en masse.

It appears Carbon has not listened to some of the talks shows in the great bastion of democracy, the good old US of A. Some of them make what is being said here in Dominica look like a walk in the park. Yet, the police nor the army in the US are calling ’emergency’ press conferences to talk about these things.

Unless there is a systematic and willful move to endanger the state, Carbon must realize that Dominicans have a right to express themselves; a right secured by our Consitution.

To me one or two calls to any radio stations are not systematic moves to endanger Dominica and Carbon should get his priorities right.

In a small country like Dominica, it is totally unacceptable to have four people missing without a trace within a short period of time. I have not heard anything from the police on how this matter is going to be addressed. There is complete silence on this matter and yet Carbon interested in one or two calls to radio stations.

This is not China or Venezuela, Carbon.

Get your priorities right, tell us what the police force is doing to locate Anthea George, Sherian Joseph, Marcelline Williams, and Bernadine Jean-Jacques, whose photos I have attached to this letter, although the photo of one is missing.