The farmer and his truck

The farmer and his truck

On Friday 24th June 27, 2016, a farmer’s vehicle got stuck in the Macoucherie River, second for the week, all in the effort of accessing farm in the Gros Morne area.

According to the farmer, he was on his farm when he observed that it was about to rain. He immediately rushed from the farm in order for his vehicle to be able to cross the river. While driving through the river bed, his vehicle got stuck and could not go further. For over 15 minutes he tried to move the vehicle from the river but all efforts were futile. Fortunately, it did not rain.

Eventually, a few other farmers came along and assisted him to remove his vehicle from the river.

A few days earlier, another farmer got stuck while accessing the same area. During the ordeal, the back brake lining got damaged and had to be taken to the garage.

To date, the farmers from Salisbury, Mero and St. Joseph currently farming in Gros Morne, located in the Macoucherie heights are unclear as to when assistance will come their way. What use to be a 10 minutes drive prior to the passing of TS Erika is now a nightmare. Some have already abandon the farm but others say that this is their only source of income.

A Government official once stated that the road will get assistance…

Gros Morne farmers in need of help!