Letters_20to_20Editor_380419663I believe the format of media discussion in Dominica needs to be improved..All the media houses should move assertively to support a wide diversity of views for the information and education of the Dominican public.
Present public discussion on radio and TV on economic, social and political issues often lack coherence and focus and allows even wild and irrelevant opinions to go unchallenged.
My recommendations include three formats
  1. For interview purposes written formal invitation to the public official or private sector leader to answer to questions forthrightly posed by journalists in a direct, open and respectful manner. Any unjustified refusal to appear should also be publicly stated.
  2. Panel discussions with a media moderator on any major issue.  Invite persons of diverse views. Include Government officials if that matter rises to the level of critical national interest
  3. Town hall meetings where there is a media moderator. The media person lays out the rules to guide the discussion and to accept questions from an audience.
What is proposed here would enhance transparency , encourage honest expression of diverse opinions, and bring into the public place issues and matters that the Dominican public is concerned about. It has been said that certain persons would object to attending at one studio or the other. I do not understands the basis for this kind of objection. In such case we would allow the invitee the option of selecting an alternative and appropriate location.