Letters_20to_20Editor_380419663Dear Editor,

I wish to use your medium as a concerned resident of the community of Dublanc to echo the voice of residents on the issue currently being faced which is the lack of pipe-borne water for use by residents.

Access to clean pipe-borne water since the passage of Tropical Storm Erika on August 27, 2015 has been a very challenging and frustrating one for the residents along the west coast but most specifically to residents of the community of Dublanc. In a news release, the PRO of DOWASCO stated that the villages of Colihaut, Dublanc, Bioche and Coulibistrie should see the restoration of their water supply “sometime this week”, which was the week of October 5, 2015. Today, more than one month later on Tuesday November 10, 2015, residents of Dublanc are not in a better situation where water supply and restoration is concerned.

I must admit that for some time efforts were made by the company to provide drinking water through the use of water trucks, the installation of water tanks and also by utilizing the Picard water intake.  However, for the past week or so, residents have been without portable drinking water with the only sources of water being the river, which we were advised was contaminated and the rainfall.  For several days now it is being announced via the radio that water will be available to residents on various dates from 10pm to 5am, still this NOT been happening.

Bear in mind that currently the Dublanc Primary School accommodates students from the Colihaut Primary school on a shift basis (8am – 12pm and 1pm – 5pm) and the Colihaut Preschool is housed in the Dublanc Preschool (9am – 3pm), the health centre which provides health care to residents of the twin communities of Dublanc and Bioche is also  located in Dublanc.

Whilst residents understand the challenges which continue to plague the sole water company DOWASCO, it is critical to note that this lack of water for drinking and cooking, is negatively impacting the lives of persons in the community.  This community has been greatly affected by Gastroenteritis since the passage of TS Erika and this can be proven based on medical records at the Regional Armour Hospital, Portsmouth.

It is our request that something be urgently done to restore water in our community.  Not every resident is able to purchase bottled drinking water, and whilst some may have the option to water in the heights of the Syndicate forest, this may not be easily accessible to many.

How long do we have to wait until someone addresses our concerns?   Remember water is life, if we have no water, we have no life.

Please, DOWASCO come to our aid!


Concerned Resident

November 10, 2015