The world is not ending
like you thought.
It’s just not!
‘World without end’,
you forgot?
But what you must realize
is that the bombardment
of the earth’s surface
with  deadly wars and pollution,
the dumping of garbage
in her oceans,
added to the debris in space,
the fact that the human race
whose main reason for existence
is  the accumulation of riches,
and trust in the Almighty Dollar,
must surely lead us to ponder!

So, with all of this said,
turn and look around you…
What do you see?
Look up to the skies…
Do you see the changes
which are to be ?
Look at the new generation…
Can’t you see early development
and a new way of life?
Computers chips,
the worldwide web
crisscrossing airplanes in the skies
just like spider webs;
and the race to conquer
another place in space?

Today begins the winter solstice
and the summer festival;
some are even ready for the carnival!
But the end of the world
is the end of the old world,
and a new world has
just been born.
But don’t be too quick to celebrate
as the threats of meteorites
and solar flares
still dominate…
Our world is tilting on its axis,
creating more super storms
and tsunamis. And more
will be right at your door!
Global changes
and people shooting at ranges
more than ever before…
Life will mean less
to humanity.
Yes, the world is ending
and new lifestyles have begun.
Artificial intelligence
has taken over our speech;
we no longer speak or write
to those we need to reach.

Youthful dreams
are being pursued…
A nip and tuck and some body contouring
keeps the image of long life,
and keeps beautiful people young.
This is the new world,
which is to come,
where diseases will be obsolete.
Paper money is now plastic!
So, New World Order and Illuminati
will still remain the dominant ones
as it was meant to be…
Open your eyes and look around
so you will not be left behind:
No secret bunker or deep recesses
in the earth’s core
can save you
from the horror that is
going to be.
It’s not the world ending
but you defending
your life from the evil of man.
You understand?
A new world is born.
Will you still be in it?

DPC is the acronymn for Domnichen Poetic Circle, a “Literary Circle of Contemporary Poets, and Spoken Word Artists of Dominican birth and descent. The group endeavors to showcase the broad spectrum of Dominican talent in the area of the written and spoken word and also promotes itself as a platform for interactive conversations on posted content of the Artists, “in the form of constructive critique and reactions, helpful poetry web-links and events, as well as, creative responses.”