photos flowersThe greatest Mother’s Day gift ever
Is the joy of seeing your daughter
Become an even more amazing mother
Than you ever were, but knowing that her
Basis for being so, was inspired by you
And what you learned from your own mother
And she from her mother too!
Happy Mother’s Day to My Darling Daughter!

Happy Mother’s Day
To all moms of
Little boys
And girls
Who will grow up much too soon
To be moms and dads of their own
But in your heart will always remain
Your little boy or girl

Happy Mother’s Day
To all the adoptive moms
Although not born of your womb
It does not matter
For the love and connection shared
Is only that of a mother and child
Lasting, strong and forever!
Happy Mother’s Day Evelyn!

Happy Mother’s Day
To you as a foster mom
Hoping to step in temporarily
For a permanent mom,
Who has momentarily
Lost her mom’s privileges
But hoping with your guidance and positive
Influence on a mind so innocent
Will help strengthen the bond that was temporarily lost

A Most Thankful & Gracious
Happy Mother’s Day
To all the aunts who have gone on to mother
Their nieces and nephews
Not because they had to
But because the motherly instinct
Of loving and nurturing
Made it so easy to do

A Happy Mother’s Day
To all the beautiful women
Who have shared in the raising
Of their best friends’ little boys and girls
Just like they were their very own

Never ever to be forgotten
Dads who had to be “moms”
To their little Princes and Princesses
You will always be their one and only
Their rock, their anchor, their storyteller
Their ‘one of a kind’ ‘kind of guy
Happy Mother’s Day Dads!

A Special Happy Mother’s Day
To you, moms of the animal pride
Please do not feel put to the side
For even though
Your cats and dogs
Were not born from you
You are a mother to them 365 days too!
An Especially and oh so Lovingly

Happy Mother’s Day
To all the moms who are no longer here with us
Mine included….but who will be a constant in our hearts,
Our mannerisms, our speech, our attitudes
Our looks, our dispositions, our actions
And so much more….because without them
We would not be here,
But from whom we have learnt today,
To be the best moms to our own

Happy Mother’s Day
To moms like me
And there are millions
All over the world
Far and near
Who will be spending a bittersweet one
With their daughters and sons still here
But so heart-wrenchingly missing
Their boy(s)or girl(s), gone from this world
Who are still being thought of on this Mother’s Day
Because although they are gone,
They had to have been born
For us to be celebrating today.
A Happy Mother’s Day All!!

DPC is the acronymn for Domnichen Poetic Circle, a “Literary Circle of Contemporary Poets, and Spoken Word Artists of Dominican birth and descent. The group endeavors to showcase the broad spectrum of Dominican talent in the area of the written and spoken word and also promotes itself as a platform for interactive conversations on posted content of the Artists, “in the form of constructive critique and reactions, helpful poetry web-links and events, as well as, creative responses.