I used to be me a few years back,
but lost myself along the way,
like a leather wallet that slips out of your back pocket,
leaving you unaware…

In realization, you retrace your steps
through the cracks of paved sidewalks.
You search,
trying to find yourself in a city full of lost souls…

You revisit past places
yet find no signs,
for the past signs of importance are of no relevance now.
Old friends too forgotten to be remembered…

So you follow a path you believe you came from,
yet you recognize nothing
in this once familiar place…

As you lay claim and proclaim
to have found yourself,
you remain lost:
Your once safe blanket of nostalgia
is now awkwardly stifling,
nudging ,
wielding you
to keep your past where you left it…

And you think,
just maybe,
you had never really lost yourself at all,
but had simply chosen to leave that self behind!