I am a warrior but a baby at love;
I appear venomous but my heart is like a dove.
The story is true, you’re smitten but you don’t know;
no matter how strong you are, that’s what love does to you!

A “Smith” of words, that’s what they say –
Her presence dries up my words; that’s called ‘verbal dismay’…
It happens quite often when she walks by:
I am a great orator but I suddenly go shy!

When it’s time for fighting, now I say ‘no’,
cause love has me captive and won’t let me go…
I have totally surrendered my stubborn will:
‘Love’, not as I will but as thou will.


DPC is the acronymn for Domnichen Poetic Circle, a “Literary Circle of Contemporary Poets, and Spoken Word Artists of Dominican birth and descent. The group endeavors to showcase the broad spectrum of Dominican talent in the area of the written and spoken word and also promotes itself as a platform for interactive conversations on posted content of the Artists, “in the form of constructive critique and reactions, helpful poetry web-links and events, as well as, creative responses.”