He cried at the sight of blood,
he pitied the leaves on trees,
he prayed everyday,
wishing that one day, he would be free.

He was never even noticed,
he stood his ground alone,
picked-on and teased, he was,
name-calling turned him to stone.

His mind was forced to linger,
his thoughts could make you scream,
he never really thought
that his life was only a dream.

He longed to be the ocean
for its constant flow seemed amazing,
his anger turned into flames,
constantly blazing.

Some thought he cried too much,
some thought he slept too long…
Shocking, the day we were told
that he was gone.

The ocean stayed calm that day,
the breeze stood still,
he was gone
even if he wasn’t ill.

Some thought he got sad too quick,
some thought he dreamt too long,
he gave up of his own human will
and that’s why he is gone.

The students shed a tear,
their guilt made an impact,
they now knew,
that’s not how they should act.

He wished that he was free,
he wished that he could fly,
I guess he got his wish
because he is floating in the sky.