The work was started long before and continues
In the veins of us that has no respect and love
Being ungrateful, disrespectful, of the indigenous us
Us a people both present and pass,
That the blood is flowing, flowing in the streets
Of hatred and envy, discord on territorial foolishness
Leaving behind the strength, dreams and ideas
Of the many potentials that was buried in hopelessness
Unable to blossom in its natural state and fullness.

Murdering them is killing the you in them,
Raping her is like exposing your mother.
Shooting down the other
Is like mama crying for her son and daughter
How can we now say we blamed the other?
When we dishonor the moral fiber of our fore father
Those that fight the aggressor, in chains
To our feet and hands we bled
As the whip to our backs
To resist is broken necks.

Why our choices are not to those that went before
As the greats that have paved the way
A passage to freedom they declare
A fight of possession they stand their ground
Though they travel far and long
Grasping inner strength across that ocean
Wailing and gnashing of teeth was our song
As our adversaries perpetrates their mission.

Being our brother keepers
In continuing the trend setters
Like great Nelson Mandela
Steve biko and Martin Luther king Jr.
Walter Sisulu and Oliver Tambo
Rosa Parks we must remember
To all our fallen heroes that gone before
To prepare this place we now conquer
So look up high and give praises to the most high
For mama and papa, sister and I.