A West Indian woman
saw me today
not by chance, but
by Divine appointment
last name seemed familiar
yet unknown
eyes soft but far
deep in thought
so pleasant
kind, simple
humble, graced
she asked
where are you from?
Dominica, said I
smiling in response
and where are you from?
the beautiful testimony began

She said:
‘I am from Antigua
but I want to retire in Dominica
Dominica is so luscious and green
I want to build my house
and make my home
and garden in Dominica
I have traveled all over the world
Africa, Europe, London, Hawaii, Alaska…
the West Indies
all over America
(and the list went on)
but I have never came across
another place like Dominica
Dominica is a beautiful place’

She went on:
‘I have been to Dominica
many many times
Wesley, St. Joseph…..Goodwill…
Jeffers Lane, La Plaine..
all over Dominica…..
that is where I am going
I just love the island
I’ll send all my retirement funds
to Dominica
and just live there’

She said much more
words like music
a sweet song
so clear
so honest
so faithful

listening ears
with interest
those words
like music

So happy I was
to meet her
name, not familiar
yet, Divine
dear to heart
an angelic voice
a genuine spirit
a sincere smile
yet graceful
wonderful experience
beautiful testimony
our island
Sweet Dominica