So…so you abandon me
you no longer consider me home
though your search is not yet complete
you join the crowd by saying I’m now 20 years behind in time
You say the streets where you walked in Roseau..
no longer has value….because your friends no longer live there
Your schools mates now call continents home
because they are no longer proud of their people
You claim that you belong to a diaspora that bears my name
but yet…you do very little to promote me and only remember
me when the Creole Festival comes around
But to you…I am still your land of birth
You no longer appreciate my valleys…my falls
you traded me for the subways…the concrete jungle
or the US dollar…the Euro and the Guilder
But..I have not changed….ruffled lately by Erika…
But…my mountains are still greens
and valleys still wide
I agree with you…our people are lawless
our men are careless
the streets needs attention….
we have become too noisy and carefree
But I am still home
Should I plead with you and remind you that I don’t only
want to see you at festival time
but all year round…when you can place your money on me
help build me…respect my children
Empower my women
When will you come home to me
and use your acquired experience to help build me
come home and replace these square pegs
who are in the wrong (round) holes
Make me shine again…because come what may
I am Dominica and I will always be home
Have some patience with my people who can be ignorant
and very cheap….teach my children the way to be like you
For charity starts at home
I am home..I am Dominica.

copyright (c) Joseph Edward Doway “Pagewriter” 2016

The author wrote this poem based on the reaction of Dominicans overseas and at home who thought he is wasting his time returning to Dominica to work and invest.