Dear life,
in regards to the agreement we had some many years ago,
I realize that our contract has been breached
allow me to point out why I say so.

In sections one through four,
here are the things you promised
Things that I can’t wait for anymore.

It was agreed upon by both parties if I may add,
that I would receive land, a house and a car
upon becoming a university grad.

I believe I’ve done all there is to be done but here I am,
no house or car or land!
Was this an error or all part of your plan?!!

Sections five to eight read in summary
I should be happily married
with children; no more than three.

I’m thirty-two,and quite baffled for sure,
’cause here I am unmarried
and my children are above the age of six—all four!

So all I’m asking at this point, is that,
you take some time off to review
what was once the perfect contract.

I demand that the terms be met immediately,
because, according to sections nine and ten
my time happiness, and peace of mind are my surety!