Tears drip like rain pours
Washing away all my hopes and dreams
Like chalk on a blackboard
As I find that what I have to do, I hate to do
And I hate myself for not loving you
And I await the day I’ll be able to.
Like when I fell for you, I hit hard
And it shattered my make-believe
Jolting me back to the reality that
We connected! Unlike any connection before or since
And my hesitance to go down this road
Is actually not that different from yours
It’s like I know what I’m capable of
And I hate to think that I’ve hurt you now
But I’d hate to be the one to drag you down
Even though you think you’re ready to go

Tears drip down my face too, Like rain
Pouring down window sills to the ground;
My chest, to the pot hole my belly button forms
Like a baby, I pour my soul into my hands,
Poor baby! It was my choice and I know I punked out,
But sometimes the best thing is the hardest thing
And the hardest thing is the worst thing
‘Cause head and heart don’t communicate like they used to;
Head remembering heartache and heart turning love into a headache
And I can’t bear being the cause of this and
I find myself sitting and wishing
That we could find some common time, Some place
Where we could stand, face to face, and
Wipe each others eyes dry.
And I…
I lay my head down
And rest seems to refuse to come
And then it does, leaving me at the mercy of my dreams
Tossed about by turbulent brain waves
There is no peaceful rest for me tonight

But I find rest nevertheless.
…….And I Find That, On Awaking, I’m Still In Love With You
…..And It Still Hurts, Not A Drop Less!!!