A pulley is used at the Boetica Gorge to get get goods over to residents of Delices

The Boetica Gorge caused by Tropical Storm Erika

Parliamentary Representative for the La Plaine constituency, Peter St. Jean, has announced that Cabinet has approved EC$4.6 million to finance the restoration of the Delices/Boetica area, which was severely affected by Tropical Storm Erika.

“Following the passage of Tropical Storm Erika, the south-east of the country, and more specifically, the Delices/Boetica area was subjected to severe challenges,” he said. “I am pleased to announce that, having completed the Boetica bridge crossing which created access to the residents of Boetica and Delices, that the Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, and the Cabinet of Dominica have approved a $4.6 million package for rehabilitation works in the Delices/Boetica area.”

St. Jean explained at a press conference last week that the money would be used to rebuild affected areas in that part of constituency.

“This EC$4.6 million will address all of the compromised areas between La Ronde and Point Mulatre. Our particular interest is works that will be done in the upper La Ronde area, addressing road realignment,” he stated. “Works will also be carried in the Ravine Roche area in Boetica, where a massive rock slide compromised the road. Additionally, works will be done at the foot of Morne Margic in Delices (Victoria, Delices), and, importantly, the Victoria bridge crossing, costing in excess of $1 million will be put in place.”

According to the Minister, motor vehicular access is still impossible in the Victoria end of Delices. Thus, work has begun on a bypass road through the La Roche Catholic Church. He mentioned that about $40,000 has been approved for the completion of this project.

Saint. Jean also revealed that several other projects for the La Plaine constituency are currently underway. He said slipper drains are being constructed on the entire roadway in Casgorie, La Plaine, and on “roughly 500 feet of roads” in the lower Balisier area. According to Saint. Jean, a culvert crossing is also to be extended in the lower Balisier area and The Ghetto link road, joining the upper section of Plaisence to the lower section, is set for completion at an estimated cost of $80,000.

Saint. Jean said the government and its partners are steadily addressing the issue of road works in the south-east of the island.

“We have committed ourselves to addressing this road situation, and we should see works continuing in that section of the road, to relieve the people of the plight that they have been subjected to since the passage of Tropical Storm Erika,” he stated pointing out that he and the parliamentary representative for Grand Fond constituency and a team of engineers had just recently visited the affected areas to discuss alternative access routes to the south-east.