The accident in Fortune

A series of vehicular accidents have marred the just concluded weekend in Dominica.

Unofficial counts by DNO show at least five accidents took place in various sections of the island.

No fatalities were reported.

On Saturday there was an accident involving a garbage truck and two other vehicles in Fortune.

Reports are that the truck hit two vehicles, pushing one over the side to the lower road.

On Saturday night, another accident took place in Canefield.

That one involved another vehicle and a car.

A damaged vehicle in the accident in Canefield

Also on Saturday, an accident was reported close to Hara Agencies in Roseau.

Scene of accident in Roseau

On Saturday night, another was reported in Bath Estate.

A damaged vehicle in an accident in Bath Estate

On Sunday night an accident was also reported in Colihaut.

DNO is seeking information from the police on the accidents and will provide information as it becomes available.