The truck after the accident

The driver of a truck which crashed at Warner late yesterday afternoon emerged from the Accident and Emergency of the Princess Margaret Hospital late last night, happy to be alive.

The truck was traveling down a particularly steep section of the hill approaching Jimmit from Warner when the accident took place. He, Charldon Benjamin, along with three other men, Royer Henry, Christopher James and Gammon Pacquette were all able to walk out of the hospital with minor injuries.

Benjamin explained the crash stating, “I was coming down the hill and the truck started sliding because of the wet road. When I applied the brake, it slid more and started swaying left and right. Royer suggested I hit it on the bank and I hesitated at first but I really had no choice, so I decided to hit the bank.”

He continued, “The truck rolled over twice or three times and when it stopped, I knew I was safe so I called on the other two guys who were at the front of the truck to see if they were OK. Pacquette had bailed out because he was at the back. After they answered, some people came to help and we took them out of the truck and tried to keep them calm because I could see that they were bleeding.”

Benjamin received fifteen stitches and came out of the hospital with a visibly swollen foot, but concluded, “Of course, I’m happy to be alive, thank God that I’m still alive.”

At the time of the crash, the truck was not laden and a disturbance in the flow of traffic caused by the wreckage was cleared by the swift work of the Fire and Ambulance Service.