Dr. Christian being taken to the air ambulance for airlifting to Martinique

United Workers Party candidate for the Soufriere constituency, Dr. Sam Christian, who was on Sunday, Dec 2, 2018, airlifted to Martinique for medical attention, has undergone surgery and is doing well, according to reports coming out of Martinique.

Dr. Christian sustained a fractured pelvis in what has been described as an unusual accident which occurred in Pointe Michel on Saturday 1st December, 2018.

Information from several sources in Martinique, including Dr. Christian’s female partner, indicate that he is doing well after the surgery which was done on Sunday night. She stated in a message circulated via WhatsApp, that in his own words, Dr. Christian is feeling “much better” than how he felt prior to the surgery.

Another report from someone who visited Dr. Christian at the hospital in Martinique, describes him as being lucid and said that from his hospital bed, he thanked all the first responders, nurses and doctors at the PMH for doing an “outstanding job” with the means available.

According to the source, “He also made special mention of the government and opposition efforts at rendering material and moral support. He thanks all Dominicans at home and abroad, in particular, the faith community, and overseas medical professionals such as [Doctor] Dale Dangleben who offered aid from afar.”

A number of Dominicans in Martinique are said to have visited Dr. Christian at the Martinique hospital, including Dominica’s General Consul to Martinique, Mark Frampton, Dominican-born Martinique resident, Mikael Gabriel and former Government Press Secretary, Sean Douglas.