National Disaster Coordinator Nathaniel Issac has acknowledged that there are challenges for persons seeking to traverse the Layou River area after heavy rainfall last evening and has cautioned the public to be exceedingly careful.

Traffic flow was impeded for a number of hours earlier today after rising waters covered several section in the area.

Issac said, “We’ve received reports that earlier today there was flooding in the Layou River area. As [the public] would be aware, we have had issues in that area since the Matthieu Dam incident a few months ago. What has happened is that the river bed is very high and as a result any significant amount of rainfall could cause the river to overflow its banks, [as was the case this morning].”

He also mentioned that the water levels have receded adequately to allow for resumption in vehicular traffic flow through the area.

“We recently visited Layou, about 12 o’clock today and the water had receded and vehicles were able to traverse the area. We have put up signs in that area indicating that the area is prone to flash floods and we have continued to warn persons, so they need to exercise caution. We would expect that to continue happening during periods of heavy rainfall until the river bed has dropped,” he remarked.

Issac therefore, declared that motorists driving through the area be cautious as flash flooding will remain a serious concern until the Ministry of Public Works have dealt with the problem.

He concluded, “We know that the Ministry of Public Works is working towards getting it to the original level and that will take some removal of the sand but that will take some time so we ask persons to exercise caution when traversing that area.”

Photos by Terry Ettienne