Gabriel Christian

Gabriel Christian, the brother of Dr. Sam Christian, is putting forward his own perspective on the unfortunate accident which has resulted in the airlifting of his brother to Martinique for medical treatment.

Dr. Christian was seriously injured when he was trapped and pinned by his vehicle while attempting to reverse it at Pointe Michel over the weekend.

Gabriel Christian, who’s an attorney based in Maryland, USA, said the collaboration of those involved in providing medical advice, care and support to Dr. Sam can perhaps be seen as a manifestation of God using Sam as an instrument of his will to heal Dominica’s divide.

“They were oustanding. The PMH nurses, the staff, the hospital lab, the Chinese doctor, the Cuban doctor, Dr. Thomas, Dr. George, Dr. Hazel Shillingford-Ricketts, they were all outstanding. Dr. Dale Dangleben, from Pensylvania, Dr. Karen Robinson from Seattle, Washington – they were all there indicating, advising, recommending, and that is what Sam wanted..that’s what all of us, wanted to see,” he said.

Christian continued, “This sort of cooperative effort that was made manifest in the care of Dr. Sam, we don’t  want it just for him. We are a gracious and loving family; we are a gracious and loving people when we try. And so, we look at this in a very sort of philosophical way; that maybe God is using Sam as an instrument of his will to really heal the bitter divide in Dominica.”

He went on to say, “We have differences. When we have to deal with them, let’s deal with them on principle, not on the basis of personal attacks and character assassination.”

Gabriel Christian said the outpouring of support for “Dr. Sam” has been enormous and the Christian family take it, not for themselves but as representative of the goodness of the Dominican people.

“We are good people; we are capable people; we are competent people and we can do better where we work together. That’s the message that Dr. Sam….that’s the message that he wants to send forth thanking every one – the government, the opposition – so that we now construct from the things we were able to see a platform in telemedicine so that all our experts all over the world can be in a telemedicine protocol,” he advised. “We can have on big screens in our ER up-to-the-minute guidance, advice, robotic intervention. So even if the competence is not on the island.. it can through internet intervention and telemedicine, be used with great effect.”

Christian called for continued prayer for his brother Dr. Sam, pointing out that he is not “quite out of the woods.”