ROSALIE, Dominica — A direct hit from Hurricane Maria has left Rosalie Bay Resort closed until at least September 2018. A preliminary account indicates all staff survived the Category 5 storm that devastated Dominica. Already closed for its annual month of maintenance, guests were not there when the storm struck Sept. 18. Efforts are underway to reach the hard-hit villages surrounding the resort that have received only minimal water and food more than a month after the storm.


Immediate Needs

Independent Dominica is at the complete mercy of the global community to aid in its relief efforts. Rosalie Bay management in the U.S. and on the ground in Dominica (although communication is minimal in the southeastern region) brought in an IsraAid crisis response team to get desperately needed water, food and first aid to remote areas. Many interior villages on the eastern and southern sides of the island where resort staff and their families live have only little necessities as time passes.

“Our most pressing priority is to get food and water to our staff, their families and village communities who remain in desperate need of help. For Rosalie Bay Resort’s loyal supporters, the best thing is to give to IsraAid – Dominica Relief so that your help goes quickly and directly to these survivors, and is not stuck in layers of bureaucracy,” says Beverly Deikel, owner of Rosalie Bay Resort.

The IsraAid emergency fund is designed to provide rapid hurricane relief assistance to those trapped in their villages. IsraAid is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) specializing in helping people worldwide overcome extreme crises by providing vital support needed to move from destruction to reconstruction, and eventually, to sustainable living. The five- to seven-person team of highly trained and experienced disaster relief professionals includes a doctor, specialized nurse, two water specialists and post-trauma experts who will quickly and strategically distribute aid supplies. The team is creating a rapid response assessment for the immediate term of three months.

After the initial relief, Rosalie Bay’s management will shift to a medium and long-term plan assisting Dominicans with rebuilding their lives.