Photo of baby who tragically lost her life on Monday.

The mother of the 8-month-old baby, who tragically drowned last weekend at Number One Beach, near Hampstead River, describes her state as sad, shocked and nervous.

In an interview with DNO, after she was questioned by police, Leania Joseph recounted the tragedy.

“I put her to sleep and went to play rounders. When I came back, I didn’t see the baby and we thought that the baby’s father had picked her up. But someone said that the water looked deep and that the child could have crept to it,” the 16-year-old said, hesitantly.

Joseph continued, “So, we looked for the baby by the river and someone saw her floating in the water. I was shocked. I couldn’t look at her like that; I just cried. I’m still crying.”

She reported to the Calibishie Police Station yesterday morning, per request, to give a statement and subject herself to questioning.

She was subsequently sent home.

She sobbed, “I haven’t slept up to now. I cannot sleep. I’m just sad.”