Dear Dominica News online,
I have come to the conclusion that the relevant authorities are very careless when it comes to road signs in Dominica. We are a very reactive people in Dominica, we wait until something happens to act when  in many instances we can prevent it.   I drive the Canefield  route to work everyday and I have realized that there are quite a number of pedestrian crossings which have faded and also road signs are missing. Some of the signs I have noticed which have faded or totally erased are:
1-Canefield- Across Auto Trade  close to Bridge
3-Canefield – Across from Harris Paints and bus stop
3- Fondcole : Across road leading up to Domlec area
4- Fondcole Across from road leading up to Astaphans wholesale
5- Goodwill Across from Ma Boyd’s Restaurant
6. Goodwill- Across from EH Charles ( Pottersville/Goodwill)
7-Across from Pottersville Savannah
8-Across from Pulse car rental/Juice man (Pottersville
The question is who is responsible for the upkeep of road signs? Is it traffic department?
Also I think that we need signs to let drivers know that particular signs are upcoming, in that way they can prepare themselves and start slowing down.
 For example: School zone up coming, slow down
Pedestrian crossing upcoming
I have seen pedestrians cross where they know once had a marked crossing but the driver didn’t slow down because he/she was not aware that there was a crossing there.
As it relates to road signs, there are many which are missing especially from the city.  Stop signs, no entry, one way, no turning and speed limits are missing. Some were gone pre-Hurricane Maria and many others post-Hurricane Maria.
I am hoping that action can be taken to rectify this issue not only in Roseau but around Dominica, especially places where there are schools, churches etc.
Let’s not wait for an accident to happen.
Safe driving and travels to all Dominicans during the holiday season.

Concerned Citizen