Shanice Jemmot

Shanice Alana Jemmot, a 14-year-old third form student of the Isaiah Thomas Secondary School, is being reported missing by her grandmother.

Dorris Paul said Shanice, who lives with her at Clark Hall, Layou, did not come home from school yesterday and family members are very worried.

“Yesterday morning she left home for school and when her brother returned he claimed that he did not see his sister,” a distraught Paul said. “We were expecting that after she would reach home but we haven’t seen her. We looked everywhere for her. Her friends said they did not see her at school. We don’t know what to do.”

The police and welfare departments were informed about the situation.

“We made a report at the Mahaut Police Station and also Roseau,” the grandmother stated. “Up to now we haven’t seen the child. We don’t know where the child is. Shanice is not a bad child. She is a loving child. Every child has their ways and she can sometimes be a little rude but she is a good person.”

If anyone knows the whereabouts of Shanice Jemmot they should contact the Welfare Division at 266-3080/266-3020 or the nearest police station.