Residents of Petite Savanne gather to be evacuated on Sunday

Residents of Petite Savanne gather to be evacuated on Sunday

One hundred and nine residents of Petite Savanne were evacuated from the community by Sunday evening.

Petite Savanne was declared a Special Disaster Area by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit following the passage of Tropical Storm Erika. Because of that and on the advice of the Disaster Management Coordinator, the government has decided to evacuate residents of Petite Savanne.

Skerrit said on Sunday night that the community is cut off from the rest of the country and residents have been cooperating in the evacuation. He said the exercise will continue on Monday morning, although the evacuation is not mandatory.

“The intention is to evacuate everyone who wants to be evacuated,” he noted.

He said that 109 people had been taken by boat to Roseau.

Disaster Coordinator, Don Corriette added that most of the 25 males, 38 females and 46 children who were brought out of Petite Savanne, have been taken in by relatives and the remainder are being housed at the Dominica Grammar School.

So far there has been no official indication of the death toll in Petite Savanne where, according to reports, massive landslides took several lives.

A search and rescue specialist team from Venezuela has been engaged to conduct the search in Petite Savanne using advanced technology.

The French have also been providing helicopters to assist in the exercise and so has Trinidad and Tobago.

Meanwhile the Prime Minister gave an update on the following major roadways:

-Roseau to Soufriere to Scotts Head is motorable and Gallion is accessible.
-Roseau to Loubiere to Bellevue is motorable, while Pichelin is accesible but is muddy and slippery
-Roseau to Portsmouth in the north along the west coast is accessible with four-wheel drive vehicles. There are bypasses in Layou, Machousherie and Batallie. The Batallie bypass is difficult. There are diversions in Coulibistrie and Point Round.
-Roseau to Marigot via Pont Casse and the Kalinago Territory is motorable
-Portsmouth to Marigot is accessible
-Portsmouth to Capuchin is accessible
-Portsmouth to Penville is accessible
-Castle Bruce to San Sauveur will be accessible by Sunday night
-Roseau to Trafalgar is motorable but the Carlton Philip Hill is very muddy and slippery and efforts are being made to get rid of the mud
-Pont Casse to La Plaine is clear and motorable
-Attempts are being made to have a temporary crossing at the Belles Bridge which was badly damaged
-Attempts are being made to get to Laudat via Shawford
-La Plaine to White River is inaccessible
-Grand Bay to Petite Savanne is inaccessible