Section of the Castle Comfort main road

Section of the Castle Comfort main road

It was supposed to be the biggest shopping day of the year in anticipation of the biggest day of the year.

But torrential rains on the morning of Christmas Eve turned the stretch of road from Castle Comfort to Roseau into a nightmare of mud, dirty water, snarled traffic, nervous pedestrians and flooded homes.

A sleepy ravine, La Riviere Canawie, in Castle Comfort, was turned into an angry wall of water which tossed a forty-foot container around like a toy.

Water and mud from the ravine also flooded the Evergreen and Anchorage hotels.

In Fortune, the raging waters refused to take is normal path, following the Fortune Road instead, flooding several homes with water, mud and debris lower down in Citronier.

Heavy equipment soon appeared on the scene but the damage was done and the southern part of the island was already cut off.

Meanwhile, pedestrians abandoned public transportation, en masse, and some cases, even private vehicle owners parked their vehicles and opted to walk to Roseau instead.

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