The aircraft involved in the incident

The Canefield airport was closed for about 45 minutes Thursday morning, after what officials describe as a “minor” incident involving an Air Anguilla aircraft.

The small Cessna 402 aircraft carrying cargo was seeking to land at about a quarter past ten Thursday morning, when there was some slight malfunction involving a seal and a bolt, according to airport officials.

Chief Executive Officer of DASPA (Dominica Airport and Sea Port Authority) Benoit Bardouille told Dominica News Online that the pilot was able to maintain control of the aircraft by using the left braking system (the right side was the one affected) to stop the airplane safely.

“The aircraft on its own power was able to taxi back unto the tarmac.  We have consulted with the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority and have notified them of the incident,” Bardouille told DNO.

He said there was no damage, and the plane was cleared to take off “the pilot is just awaiting his start-up instructions before the aircraft leaves” Bardouille said when DNO spoke to him  at about 11:30am.

Other planes were landing at the time, confirming that Canefield had been re-opened following the incident.