Herbert “Sukie” Winston. Photo credit: The Sun

Business man Herbert ‘Sukie’ Winston is back from a two-day stay at the hospital after being hit by a motorcycle outside his business (Sukie’s Enterprises) in Newtown, on Friday night.

Winston who was injured in the mouth, was discharged at 12:30 pm on Sunday.

The businessman said he was on the eastern side of his main business, moving across to the pedestrian side when the the accident occurred.

“I was moving from one section of the building across the road and was making my way to the main part of the building which is the supermarket and I saw no lights. There was a bit of noise in the area, like people coming in for their gas and [there] was quite a few vehicles around the area, and all I know is that I was down,” he said

Winston added, “I saw no lights indicating a motorcycle was approaching. When I did come to my senses, I saw that I was on the ground. Then I got some assistance of people passing by and then assisted me with a transport and brought me to the hospital.”

Winston wishes to thank everyone for showing interest in his recovery.