Minister for National Security, Immigration, and Labour, Charles Savarin, at this morning's press conference

Haitian nationals  residing in Dominica illegally have been given a six-month grace period to remain in the country.

This declaration was made by Minister for National Security Immigration and Labour Charles Savarin this morning at a press conference held at the Vat Unit located in the Financial Center.

The grace period will be extended to Haitians who may have entered the country without proper documentation, through illegal means, or whose stay may have expired.

During the six-month grace period they will not be prosecuted by the law for any immigration offence.

Savarin said this gesture will allow Haitians living in Dominica to get a chance to organize their travel and work documents.

“They should go to the authorities and have their stay extended for six months so as to allow time for the situation in Haiti to subside,” Savarin advised.