One of the injured being assisted. Photo by Jonathan Jones

One of the injured being assisted. Photo by Jonathan Jones

Sixteen people, including a 10-month-old baby and a 70-year-old, were injured in a traffic accident under the Canefield Cliff on Monday, according to the official police report.

No one was killed but five people have been admitted to hospital.

The three-vehicle accident brought lunch time traffic to a standstill.

Police PRO, ASP Claude Weekes, said the accident took place between a Honda CRV, registration number PJ477, owned by Lindo George of Check Hall Valley and at the time being driven by Larry Lazar, 26 of Bath Estate; a Toyota Hiace bus, registration number HE576 owned and driven by Calvin Williams, 52 of Wesley and a Nissan bus, registration number HE 905, owned and driven by Dalton Shillingford of Massacre.

He said the collision occurred while the two buses were travelling in a northerly direction along the western lane and the CRV was travelling in a southern direction on the eastern lane.

“According to what we have found out so far, the jeep (CRV) was approaching in the opposite direction,” Weekes explained. “The driver appeared to have lost control of the vehicle (PJ 477) and he was moving on to the western lane in the same direction of the vehicles travelling in the northern lane. The bus driver apparently tried to work his way, to veer away from the vehicle, that’s the jeep approaching him. The vehicle crashed into the defense wall but the jeep still collided with the right rear of that vehicle.”

He continued, “After colliding with the vehicle the jeep collided with the right front side of the other bus HE 576.”

Investigations into the crash continue, Weekes said.