Simon and Esprit in happier days

Simon and Esprit in happier days

The survivor of an accident in Penrice, which claimed the life of a young man from Despor on Sunday, has succumbed to her injuries.

The Princess Margaret Hospital is crowded with relatives and friends of Nadia Simon of Campbell, who was the pillion rider of Burt Esprit when their motorcycle plunged down a 32-foot precipice.

Esprit died shortly after the accident.

Simon was admitted to the Princess Margaret Hospital with serious injuries.

Distraught members of Simon’s family spoke to members of the media on Tuesday morning.

“Last night I come to the hospital, I talked to my sister, I pray, I stay there, I tell her Nadia will you come home? She did not say anything; she open her eyes and she close it back,” one said.

She said she had a friend with her and decided to leave for home but she returned on Tuesday morning to bring some supplies for Simon.

“When I reach in the room, my sister is not on the bed …. Lord my sister,” she wailed uncontrollably along with the rest of Simon’s family.

DNO understoods that Simon has left behind a young daughter.

DNO is following this story and will publish further information as it becomes available.