Pilot Kirby Hodge is still missing

The bodies of two persons who were reported missing when a plane went down in the United States Virgin Islands were found on Sunday.

The two have been tentatively identified as Rachel Hamilton and Darwin Carr. Officials say positive identifications will be given after an autopsy is done but physical characteristics match those of Car and Hamilton.

Pilot Kirby Hodge is still missing.

Government officials said the two bodies were found inside the plane which was discovered on Saturday lying upside down in 100 feet of water with one wing detached.

The doomed aircraft was found using radar coordinates provided by a U.S. Air Force Rescue Coordination Team in Florida and after an oil sheen was spotted one mile northeast of where the plane fell off the radar a week ago.

The plane crashed a little over five miles from the airport in St. Thomas on Saturday, October 13.

One survivor, Valerie Jackson, was rescued.